12 August 2019


Nos Ke Boneiru Bek, due to escalating discrimination and lack of respect by the new Dutch immigrants for the humble Bonerians, has recently launched an awareness and information campaign to protect Bonaire as we are a nation with its own culture, language, and our own way of life.

One of our main objective with this campaign is to expose and bring to light cases of injustice to the people of Bonaire committed by individuals, organizations, the local and Dutch government and their governmental institutions of abusive discriminatory actions, policies, laws and governmental corruption that are violating the fundamental civil, economic, social, political and cultural rights of our peoples. 

In our struggle to raise awareness by publicizing factual information on violations of aforementioned rights, NKBB was approached by Mr Rene Lauffer, former president-director of Oil Trading Bonaire, that recently denounced and exposed governmental corruption-scandal in the energetic sector. Mr Lauffer recognizes NKBB efforts to protect the rights of the Bonerians peoples and volunteered to share in our upcoming campaign series with valuable factual information based on his experience and expertise in this main socio-economic sector.

Mr Rene Lauffer (l), former president-director of OTB, join forces with NKBB 

to fight injustice and violation of fundamental rights of the Bonerian people.

Mr. Lauffer :
-        The stage is set and is very clear that the Dutch policy together with the local government is directed to eliminate the Oil Trading Bonaire.

-        The consequences hereof will result in another mayor loss of possibilities and potential income for the local government that would amount to two (2) or three (3) times more than the “vrije uitkering”.

-        Another mayor economic risk factor is that the strategic and secure fuel supply will never become same, equal as in Holland in Europe. But what most Bonerians, especially the majority of the peoples below the poverty line, are experiencing a continues raise in all fuel-related-economic and food consumer prices and especially WEB tariffs.

-        By elimination of  OTB the Bonaire peoples will lose the possibility of alleviation of  lowered and reduced WEB bills as much of  $.100 (one hundred U$) - to $150 (one hundred-fifty U$) every month.

Mr Lauffer voiced he will be committed to bring awareness in upcoming information series because “his love for Bonaire and the peoples” and that the “fast pace of the developments are not in the interest of Bonaire and its peoples”, although not being a whistle-blower, but made so by this local government corruption-scandal, his future on Bonaire is minimized.  Mr Lauffer is committed however to leave valuable information behind for the future generations.

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