29 September 2012

Chairman of Curacao Parliament announces parliamentary inquiry


WILLEMSTAD — The interim-cabinet can expect a motion of no-confidence on November 2nd. A proposal for a parliamentary inquiry into the bribing of several parliamentarians and the governor’s role with the formation of the interim-cabinet will be introduced. Chairman of the Parliament Ivar Asjes (PS) announced this during a 2½-hour press conference yesterday.

The chairman of the Parliament said the group of 12 has the governor as godfather, According to Asjes, who is convinced that the current coalition will secure a majority on October 19th, Governor Frits Goedgedrag entered the political arena by appointing Mendes de Gouveia to form the interim-cabinet. For that reason he wants to employ the strongest means available to the parliament to scrutinize the governor’s actions. Asjes: “Just like the queen he can do no wrong owing to his role as head of the government, but he is not above the law.”

The chairman of the Parliament has a different opinion on the parliamentary impasse than the governor. Asjes regrets that Goedgedrag had ignored all of his arguments. In a document of 50 pages the chairman of the Parliament explained the past events in detail, but Goedgedrag chose not to respond. That the governor now states the esteem of the Parliament took a severe blow because public meetings of the Parliament had been cancelled, is nonsense said Asjes.

“The argument that Asjes closed the doors of the Parliament is not true”, said Asjes, referring to the closing and opening of the parliamentary year. The group of 12 had refused to show up. There was no quorum for the meetings of the central committees because these meetings were boycotted, said Asjes.