27 April 2016

Bonaire Foundation calls on Netherlands to fulfill international decolonisation obligations

Correspondence from James Finies, Foundation Nos Ke Boneiru Bek to the Delegation of the Senate of the Netherlands

Subject: Visit of delegation First Chamber to Caribbean part Kingdom, 16-23 April 2016

Dear Sirs,

In connection with your official travel-work visit to the BES islands on 19, 20 and April 21, 2016, we bring the following to your attention:

Your visit intention is for supplementing and preparation of the parliamentary handling and debate on June 21 a.s. of the evaluations of the new political structure in the Kingdom by October 10, 2010 where you will take your impartial position.
Your task as co-legislator and approval of bills from the Second Chamber is based primarily on the technical aspects, the reliability and consistency with other laws. You have taken your responsibility already earlier on March 21, 2014 to stop, further anchoring, the bill of October 23, 2012 of Constitutional change, until after the evaluation of the constitutional reform.

In addition to administrative and political responses you are particularly interested in the experience of the general population. The fact that political-constitutional structure resorts under higher law of self-determination, and self-determination is a human right which is exclusive of the peoples and not to administrators and politicians should give you enough reason and strength to respect these higher laws, to guarantee, not to violate them but to repair or correction. So your assessment is in this case exclusively on the rights of the people of Bonaire, which has inherited and acquired these rights because of our shared colonial past and your own agreements of the decolonization treaties in the United Nations.
Your Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations has also re-confirmed this officially to us: letter dated January 8, 2014, reg.nr # 2014-0000012853: "That the people of Bonaire has the right to let its voice be heard and the right to self-determination, is an hereditary that is not under discussion and is fully endorsed by the Cabinet. "

On December 18, 2015, the legitimate democratic representation of the people of Bonaire, the Island Council, consulted the people of this Bonaire through a referendum. The Bonaire nation could make its voice heard on the "constitutional position of Bonaire" and whether they "agree or are against the implementation of the direct link with the Netherlands as of 10-10-10." The outcome or result leaves no room for mis-interpretations and doubt, having rejected the interpretation of the state structure by 10/10/10, the annexation of the BES islands, Bonaire, as a public council body, "special municipality" in Dutch Constitution under Article 134.

For clarity and correct comparison ,5040 Bonerian vote No, with turnout of 61% voters, and more than 65% No-votes is the same as 6.75 million Dutch in the Netherlands voted against (and that would have caused a revolution in the Netherlands).

It is now very clear that there is no legal basis and reasonable grounds exist to further force the state structure, enforce and impose this against the rights and wishes and voice of the Bonerians people, whom you have made miserable since 10- 10-10 (the same happened to St Eustatius, who also has its voice heard on 17 December 2014). So your current political position goes frontally against international law, against the fundamental principles of our customary international and human rights.

Also, it is now easier for you to take the appropriate lawful decision because it was more difficult before the referendum of December 2015,because although you came to recognize and had agreed that it was illegal, but you kept marching in, because "Bonaire themselves have chosen this." Now it is clear that since 18 December 2015, the population of Bonaire clearly showed: "not to have chosen this themselves."

Briefly, the people of Bonaire, in accordance with international law is the only one with the right to speak out for the determination of their political structure, their future, and because this structure 10-10-10 was temporary for the period of 5 years, and the people of Bonaire made their voice heard on 18 December 2015 and rejected this Illegal state structure and this decision and wishes must be respected by all administrators and politicians of Bonaire and the Netherlands.

Too many to mention, but in addition to all other previous negative studies, demonstrations, protest letters etc, yet an example that you do not like as administrators , government, to have on your conscience and c.v. would like to have. The research of your own Royal Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies (KITLV), the question about your Dutch representation and presence in Bonaire, 73% of the Bonerian population are negative about this and that this is primarily by the current constitutional state link and structure.

Finally, we ask you politely but yet urgently your help, to do everything in your ability as soon as possible to begin the dismantling and transfer and repatriation process of your administration because the situation is restrictive among the population.

We would like to continue forward with you in the Kingdom, but under the conditions of the New Kingdom after the 2nd World War, which the Netherlands has agreed with at the United Nations, and you to fulfill your decolonization obligations and guarantees, guarantees and promotes the political freedom and equality of all peoples of the Kingdom, so that we the people of Bonaire, with mutual respect, equal and free, together with you to build a prosperous Kingdom.

Hoping of having informed you sufficiently, we remain awaiting your positive response.

With kind regards
James Finies, 
 Foundation Nos Ke Boneiru Bek

cc/ Bestuur van Openbaar Lichaam Bonaire Eilandsraad van het Openbaar Lichaam Bonaire Leden van de vaste commissie van de 1ste en 2de Kamer.