08 November 2013

As Western Sahara Discussed, Polisario Is Told It Can't Speak on United Nations Television

As W. Sahara Discussed, Polisario Is Told It Can't Speak on UNTV, UNclear

By Matthew Russell Lee, Exclusive

UNITED NATIONS, October 30 -- With the UN Security Council meeting behind closed door Wednesday about Western Sahara, the Frente Polisario complained to Inner City Press that they were told they could not speak at the UN Television stakeout.

In the past, they have, including one time that the then-head of the UN Media Accreditation and Liaison Unit, a Moroccan national, had the cameras turned off. (Click here for that Inner City Press story). But since then, Polisario has spoken at the stakeout, often before or after Morocco's Ambassador Loulichki.

But now something has changed. Inner City Press checked, and learned that UN Security this time was told that Polisario should not be allowed to speak. No one wanted to say where the order came from.

The Media Accreditation and Liaison unit only has jurisdiction on the media side of the railing. UN Television camera-people, those predating the new outside contractor Team People, remembers Polisario speaking. So where did the order come from?