07 March 2014

Virgin CEO Richard Branson Vows to Turn Caribbean Islands Green


While Sir Richard Branson is preparing to make the $13.6 million Moskito island his new “family complex,” the billionaire says the move can impact a lot more than just his luxurious profile.

Along with Necker island, which Branson rents for nearly $55,000 a night, Moskito will userenewable energy for 75 to 80 percent of its electricity, according to The Guardian. Using technical and financial blueprints from his green business group, Carbon War Room, and the Rocky Mountain Institute, Branson will offer advice to help all Caribbean governments cut diesel imports and switch to renewable sources. He believes the two properties can become models for islands around the world. 

“This is personal and global,” said Branson, founder of the Virgin Group, which consists of about 400 businesses. “We know that islands will suffer the most from climate change and sea-level rise. Reefs will be devastated, and wildlife decimated.”


Bonaire Government requests U.N. listing as non self-governing territory

The Island Council of Bonaire has voted to request the United Nations to list the dependency as a non self-governing territory. Bonaire is a partially integrated "public entity" of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The political status resulted from the dismantling of the former autonomous country of the Netherlands Antilles, creating two autonomous countries of Curacao and Sint Maarten, and three "public entities of Bonaire, Saba and St. Eustatius.

Decision of the Island Council of Bonaire

(unofficial translation from Papiamento)
 February 25, 2014

Considering that:

-The situation of the state structure and relation with Holland requires attention and priority;

-Since the country Netherlands Antilles has been dissolved on 10 October 2010, Bonaire has become a non-autonomous territory, qualified according to the United Nations (U.N.) as “Non Self Governing Territories”;

-Consequently it is necessary that Bonaire be put on the (U.N.) list of Non Self Governing Territories;

-After the referendum of September 10, 2004, Bonaire since 10 October 2010 (10-10-10) has been denominated as Public Entity according to article 134 of the Dutch constitution which has been interpreted as integration in Holland;

- The Island Council considers it necessary for the people of Bonaire have the opportunity to express its wishes thru a plebiscite on the future relation of Bonaire with Holland;

-to make the necessary preparations it is desirable to install a “Preparatory Commission”  to analyze and advise on all the necessary steps to start the process to realize a referendum;

Taking notice of:

-The Charter of the United Nations  in particular the covenants regarding “Non Self Governing Territories” and the concerned resolutions, particularly Resolution 1541;


1. to appeal to President of the Island Council to approach formally the United Nations through the official channels with the request to put Bonaire on the “List of Non Self Governing Territories”;

.2 to form a “Preparatory Commission” for which every fraction can appoint a member to analyze and give advice to the Island Council on the best way to organize a referendum in accordance with Resolution 1541 of the United Nations, taking into consideration all related aspects and to report to the Island Council within 4 weeks

3. to agree that within 1 week the 4 fractions will appoint a member to the preparatory commission. The 4 members together will appoint a 5th member to the preparatory commission

4. to appeal to the “griffier(Council Secretary) to (let) give all necessary assistance to the “Preparatory Commission” to effect it's task.


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