13 December 2016

'Decolonisation Fundamental to Pacific Sovereignty' - Pacific NGOs


Decolonisation Fundamental to Pacific Sovereignty, CSOs Tell GPEDC

Suva (3 December 2016) - The decolonisation of indigenous peoples in Tahiti, New Caledonia, West Papua, and the American territories is intrinsically tied to the sovereignty of the Pacific region.

These and the need to expand the definition of fragility to inculcate climate induced vulnerability as a Pacific specific concern are key issues that Pacific delegates have highlighted at the High Level Ministerial meeting for Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation in Nairobi, Kenya

Pacific Islands Association of NGOs executive director, Emele Duituturaga said these issues was highlighted in the Pacific Regional Caucus statement that was incorporated in the HLM GPEDC CSO Communique.

“Pacific regional civil society delegates reaffirm the importance of recognising and respecting the sovereignty of the Pacific region in terms of self-determination and decolonisation of pacific peoples in French Polynesia, New Caledonia, West Papua, and the American territories,” the communique stated.

“This is linked to the continued displacement of indigenous people as a result of militarisation and trade agreements for development, exploiting our natural resources and people, leaving fragile and vulnerable to climate change, lifestyle diseases, conflict, and other related social ailment characteristic of marginalised people.”

Duituturaga said on the Pacific stance to expand the definition of Fragility, Pacific delegates called for the inclusion of climate induced vulnerability in recognition of the Pacific’s position at the frontline of climate change.

Pacific delegates at the meeting include civil society representatives from Guam, Samoa, Fiji, New Zealand, PNG and Palau.

Meanwhile, Pacific Youth Council’s Manasa Vatanitawake participated as a panellist at the plenary session, on the topic, “Leaving No One Behind on Climate, Culture and Identity” as key issues for Pacific Youth, prior to the end of the meeting.