16 April 2017

Poll: St. Martin voters call for French- and Dutch-side unity

MARIGOT--In an exit poll conducted by St. Martin Stats for the French-side newspaper Le Pélican during the second round of voting for the French-side Territorial Council elections in Sandy Ground, Concordia, La Savane and French Quarter, an overwhelming majority of voters support greater unity between Saint Martin and Sint Maarten.

The pollsters surveyed 297 voters, of whom 245 “agreed” or “strongly agreed” with the statement on greater unity, representing 91 per cent of respondents.

“The support for greater unity cuts across all demographics and geographical segments,” St. Martin Stats co-founder Timothée Didier-Bandou explained. “Even amongst recent French-side arrivals – so perhaps those with less ties to the Dutch side – a full 82 percent agreed or strongly agreed with the need for greater unity,” he added.