05 October 2012

Is Dutch interest in controlling Curacao's gas and oil the true reason behind bringing down the government in Curacao?

PS Leader Helmin Wiels Insists That The Netherlands 

Is After Curacao’s Natural Resources

WILLEMSTAD – Political party Pueblo Soberano and member of parliament Helmin Wiels insists that the Netherlands wanted the fall of the government because they have interest in Curacao’s gas and oil.

During a press conference, the leader brought forth some documents to indicate that there must be natural resources in the waters of Curacao. According to Wiels there are different treaties signed by the Netherlands at the United Nations which states that natural resources must be for the people and not for third parties. In 1978 this treaty was ratified in the parliament of the Netherlands Antilles.

Wiels said that the war against Government Schotte was for these natural resources in the region. According to studies, it was indicated that there could be gas and oil in the waters south of Curacao and Bonaire. Since 2007, Emily de Jongh-Elhage (former prime minister of the Netherlands Antilles and current leader of the political party PAR) knew that Bonaire will become part of the Netherlands, and still they divided the natural resources between the other former Netherlands Antilles islands.

It was decided to divide the natural resources in the following way: Federal (form Netherlands Antilles) 35%, and the island territories Bonaire and Curacao 65% together. This division is the same as Saba bank in which the Federal government gets 35% and the islands (Sint Maarten, Saba and Statia) 65%. Wiels continued explaining that at the moment when the shares are divided, Bonaire in its new status will get another 7%. Thus Bonaire will get the same share as Curacao and it is known that in Bonaire, it’s the Netherlands which is ruling the country, and that means that it is the Netherlands which will handle the natural resources.

Wiels continued explaining that there is something strange, Mr. Etienne Ys, when he was prime minister of the Netherlands Antilles, signed with different multi nationals to deal with the natural resources. One of them was Murphy Overseas Ventures Inc. which belongs to Ansari. Ys signed a five year contract. This contract which was prolonged and expired in 2011 and was not signed again.

After Ys resigned from the government, he was employed at one of Ansari’s companies which bought a local insurance company and a private bank.

According to Wiels, in the sale of these two companies, Mr. Tromp (President Central Bank) and Mr. Ralph Anthony (KPMG) played a very important role. With this, PS wants to show that the Netherlands played an important role in the fall of the government.