26 April 2016

Anti-Colonialism Day marked on April 24 across the globe


April 24 mark(ed) World Anti-Colonialism Day and teleSUR English takes a look at the current and former anti-colonial struggles in Latin America and the Caribbean.

On April 24, 1955, 29 “non-aligned” nations from Africa, the Middle East and Asia concluded the historically significant Afro-Asia Conference, or what was more popularly known as the “Bandung Conference,” a landmark event on anti-imperialism, anti-racism, anti-colonialism and anti-militarization in the midst of an escalating Cold War.

Held in Bandung, Indonesia the meeting brought together revolutionaries from around the world, who condemned Western imperialism and colonialism.

April 24 also marks the Easter Rebellion by the Irish people against British rule. The uprising represents a refusal of British imperial rule by Irish revolutionaries who denounced the empire's unfair and oppressive occupation.