18 May 2016

Dutch plan for full annexation of its Caribbean colonies opposed in Bonaire

Letter to The Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, R.H.A. Plasterk 


May 4, 2016

Subject: Intention Hague take-over island tasks 
BES islands

Dear Mr Plasterk,

We have learned through the media of your plans and intentions of your draft cabinet response to the report Spies, where you are proposing to take over the rest of the island-tasks by the RCN.

It is incomprehensible to us how you and your government intend to stand above democracy and above the law. You are completely ignoring the fundamental rights and the democratic voice of the people of Bonaire and you show no respect for our people that you intend to compare with a municipality in the Netherlands. 

It is very clear that you lack any moral or humane base and are forcing your own agenda on this humble and hospitable people.  Again, Bonaire is not a municipality but a nation, same like your nation, As the Netherlands where you belong to, Bonaire has its own culture, language, traditions, norms and values and identity and acquired people's self-determination rights that you have to respect.
The discussion about the legality of this structure is outdated since December 18th last year, when the people of Bonaire rejected your annexation or forced illegal integration in your Dutch state and now there is no legal base  anymore for your keep forcing your take-over and occupation and administration of our people. The people have never chosen for this structure and have officially and legally rejected it in the december referendum.

Your task is now as responsible government to respect your own agreements in the United Nations and higher international law and stop this Illegal state-structure.  
Your influence on our island is already too much and you ignore all surveys, protests, letters etc. which clearly indicate that the population of Bonaire is unhappy because of this structure and you are now directing towards a total takeover of our local administration tasks by your RCN.

This will actually leave us with no other option at this time to inform you that 'No is No', that this is unacceptable, that we have the right to stand up for our rights, and that your RCN and neocolonial staff and policy are no longer welcome on our Bonaire. It becomes time to dismantle, transfer and repatriate.

With kind regards,
James Finies, Nos Ke Boneiru Bek. 

Cc. Governor of Bonaire, E. E. Rijna, Directors of Public Body Bonaire,Island Council of the Public Body Bonaire, the Permanent Committee members, Members of the Permanent Committee of the 1st and 2nd Chamber.