21 March 2016

U.S. provides resources to Guam for self-determination process

Office of the Assistant Secretary for Insular Areas

Interior Approves $1.5 Million in FY 2016 Funds for Guam

For Self-Determination Educational Outreach, Climate Change Projects, Public Safety, Emergency and Facility Assessments, Natural and Cultural Resource Preservation, and Leadership Building for Non-Governmental Organizations

WASHINGTON, D.C. (March 14, 2016) – Today the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Assistant Secretary for Insular Areas Esther Kia’aina approved $1.5 million in grant assistance for fiscal year 2016 to the Government of Guam and non-profit organizations from the Office of Insular Affairs’ (OIA) Technical Assistance Program and the Maintenance Assistance Program.

“This year’s funding reflects the priorities and issues of importance to the people of Guam including self-determination, public safety, climate change, natural and cultural resources, and capacity building for non-governmental organizations,” said Assistant Secretary Kia’aina.  “I am especially pleased with the leadership and collaborative working relationships among Governor Eddie Calvo, Guam Legislature Speaker Judith Won Pat, and Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo on the advancement of a community educational outreach plan in preparation for a 2018 plebiscite on self-determination.”

The various Technical Assistance Program grants, including one Maintenance Assistance Program grant awarded for 2016 are as follow:

Guam Self-Determination Community Education Outreach Program – $300,000 to the Commission on Decolonization to implement a comprehensive community educational outreach program in preparation for a planned 2018 plebiscite.


Non-Self-Governing Territories

Western Sahara PDF documentSince 19632266,000586,000
Anguilla PDF documentSince 1946United Kingdom9615,700
Bermuda PDF documentSince 1946United Kingdom53.3561,777
British Virgin Islands PDF documentSince 1946United Kingdom15328,200
Cayman Islands PDF documentSince 1946United Kingdom26455,691
Falkland Islands (Malvinas)PDF documentSince 1946United Kingdom12,1732,500
Montserrat PDF documentSince 1946United Kingdom1035,000
Saint Helena PDF documentSince 1946United Kingdom3105,777
Turks and Caicos Islands PDF documentSince 1946United Kingdom948.231,458
United States Virgin IslandsPDF documentSince 1946United States352107,343
Gibraltar PDF documentSince 1946United Kingdom5.832,700
American Samoa PDF documentSince 1946United States20055,170
French Polynesia PDF document
1946-1947    and
since 2013
Guam PDF documentSince 1946United States540159,358
New Caledonia PDF document
1946-1947     and
since 1986
Pitcairn PDF documentSince 1946United Kingdom35.537
Tokelau PDF documentSince 1946New Zealand12.21,411
1. All data is from United Nations Secretariat 2015 Working Papers on NSGTs, and for Western Sahara, from UNdata (http://data.un.org), a database by the United Nations Statistics Division of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs, United Nations.   
2. On 26 February 1976, Spain informed the Secretary-General that as of that date it had terminated its presence in the Territory of the Sahara and deemed it necessary to place on record that Spain considered itself thenceforth exempt from any responsibility of any international nature in connection with the administration of the Territory, in view of the cessation of its participation in the temporary administration established for the Territory. In 1990, the General Assembly reaffirmed that the question of Western Sahara was a question of decolonization which remained to be completed by the people of Western Sahara.

3. A dispute exists between the Governments of Argentina and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland concerning sovereignty over the Falkland Islands (Malvinas) (see ST/CS/SER.A/42).