16 August 2013

Venezuela: “U.S. Drones Stationed In Curacao And Aruba

Venezuela: “U.S. Drones Stationed In Curacao And Aruba Ready To Attack Countries In South America”

WILLEMSTAD – The ex-Venezuelan Vice President, Jose Vicente Rangel has warned of a possible U.S. drone attack stating that the drones had entered Venezuelan airspace.

“These drones, airplanes without pilots, which have been used by the United States of America as a military weapon across the world, have been deployed from sites close to Venezuela. We have seen projects that are currently underway in Curacao and Aruba. These drones are constantly doing different maneuvers around the area,” the former Vice President declared during his T.V. show.

According to Rangel, these maneuvers are part of a conspiracy to attack Venezuela and other South American countries.

“These destabilizing plans are against some countries in the region, especially against Bolivia, Ecuador and Venezuela and the U.S. military will start operations in the month of August,” this is what the former politician alerted during his T.V. program last weekend.