24 July 2017


To the Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, R.H.A. Plasterk,
President of the 1st Chamber, Mrs. Broekrs- Knol and members
President of the Second Chamber Mrs. Khadija Arib and members
Turfmarkt 147
2500 EA Den Haag

Bonaire, July 20, 2017

Subject: your letter reference: 
2017-0000318708 Appeal Sint Eustatius on the United Nations Charter

Dear Minister Plasterk, Mrs. Broekrs-Knol, Mrs Khadija Arib and members of the 1st and 2nd chamber,

We request your attention to the following regarding your aforementioned letter to Sint Eustatius and our previous letters directed to your Minister, 1st Chamber and 2nd Chamber regarding violation of the peoples of Sint Eustatius and Bonaire Self-Determination and Human Rights:

First of all we would like to make clear to Mr Plasterk and his administration and colleagues who are cooperating with Mr Plasterk inhumane views and policies that above-mentioned rights are inalienable, indivisible and pertains exclusively to the people of Sint Eustatius and Bonaire and not to the consent or discussion of the colonizer and the administering power.

Mr Plasterk answers that he does not respect the United Nations Charter as accorded and co-signed by the Netherlands in 1945 and will resort to his own  interpretation hereof and further that his non-respect and own interpretation should not be a surprise.  We feel as it may seems hypocritical that Mr Plasterk does not understand the main objective the United Nations was founded after the WWII , was because of the annexation and occupation of Holland by Hitler, Germany. At 10-10-10, Holland has done the same to annex and occupy the innocent, humble peoples of Sint Eusatius and Bonaire showing no remorse and respect to humanity. These inhuman actions are now putting light back on the hidden dark Dutch colonial history, where we were ahead and making progress in the healing and reconciliation process and now Mr Plasterk and colleagues are reincarnating this taboo, where the Dutch were the world cruelest colonizers. We invite Mr Plasterk and colleagues to view a short summary of “what every Dutch should know” and most important for Mr Plasterk that has to have a exemplary and honorable position as Minister representing the Dutch peoples. 

As a start please view this short video and then please read the book of Vanvught : “Roofstaat”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?=olncX67VKtk

We are only hoping after Mr Plasterk and his colleagues understanding of our common history and past will realize that they have been miseducated as human beings and the people of Sint Eustatius and Bonaire also are equally human beings same as them, and to our salvation and to avoid another humanitarian crisis, Mr Plasterk and colleagues will interpret the Charter of the United Nations in the correct human context and not continue in the same inhuman path as their forefathers.

We totally disagree with Mr Plasterk which states that now Sint Eustatius (same as Bonaire) has the status as public body within the Netherlands and that in discussions with the United Nations it has been confirmed that relations within the Kingdom are an internal affair and these discussions can be done without the intervention of the United Nations. At this point Mr Plasterk is confirming all above that the Dutch government does not respect United Nations Charter and does not respect democracy, and is confusing himself as island council members elections is not same as a self-determination referendum choice of political equality, because only the people can decide on a change of status as the case of 10-10-10. Not the possibly bribed, corrupted, extorted local and Dutch politicians, decides on the self-determination and human rights of the peoples.  The peoples of Sint Eustatius and Bonaire never opted for this imposed illegal status and all illegal democratic attempts by the Dutch to legitimize this illegal status has failed up to now.

Last March 2017 Dutch elections over 80% of the peoples of Statia and Bonaire rejected Mr Plasterk and the Dutch second chamber politicians as their representatives. In their respective 2014 and 2015 referendum the same rejection, which constituted of  a legitimate refutation of this illegal public body status.  For sure the United Nations naturally will tell the visiting Dutch colonizer officials that they should adhere to the set Charters and resolutions of the United Nations that are a clear mandate and that there is an official translation of the Charter of the UN in Dutch language to avoid any kind of misinterpretation. And of course that this is an internal exercise as the whole world has adhere to and the Dutch government duty is very simple as to respect, protect and comply.

What the United Nations never would have thought was that these Dutch officials, as Mr Plasterk is stating, would have their own interpretation of the United Nations Charter contrary to these clear set human values and rights. To refresh Mr Plasterk and colleagues memory that it is a shame that it came to our understanding that the Dutch delegates helped by the Antillean elite(bribed, extorted?)  in 1955 misinformed and manipulated the United Nations General Assembly, resolution 945, in a controversial and disputed vote, to discharge the Netherlands of its reporting obligations under the condition that we, as colonized Antillean islands, will remain under the protection of article 73. And this discharge can be revoked at any time in the future, as this was a safeguard for us , the colonized Antillean islands to come back and knock at the door of the United Nations if the need arise. 

This exercise of the United Nations was because the majority did not trust the Dutch government which duty was to comply with political equality in accordance with self-governance standards. Instead the Netherlands did set the Antilles in a direction of self-destruction which became in effect on 10-10-10 with the dissolution of the Netherlands Antilles and Holland re-captured, annexed and occupied the smaller in-defensive islands of Sint Eustatius, Bonaire and Saba and started a new era of recolonization in the Caribbean region. 

To finalize we would like to remind Mr Plasterk and colleagues that recently in United Nations, General Assembly, Special Committee on Decolonization C24 seminar reported that the Netherlands holds colonies again in the Caribbean (BES-islands) and that the United Nations has ruled that colonialism is a crime against humanity and that the peoples of a colonized territory has the right to use all measures which they desire to get out of colonialism and this is in accordance with United Nations and international law.

Yours sincerely,
 James Finies 
Foundation Nos Kier Boneiru Bek


 Boneiru , 20 Juli 2017

Topiko: karta referensia: 
2017-0000318708 apelashon Sint Eustatius riba Karta di Nashonan Uni

Apresiabel Minister Plasterk, Sra Broekers-Knol, Sra Khadija Arib I miembronan di 1ste I 2de kamer,

Nos ta pidi boso atenshon pa lo siguiente enkonekshon ku boso karta ariba menshona na Sint Eustatius I nos kartanan previo dirigi na boso Minister, 1ste kamer I 2de kamer enkonekshon ku violashon di derechonan di outo-determinashon I derechonan humano di pueblonan di Sint Eustatius I Boneiru:

Na prome luga nos ke pone kla na Sr Plasterk I su administrashon I koleganan ku ta koperando ku Sr Plasterk su vishon I maneho inhumano, ku e derechonan ariba menshona ta sagrado I absoluto I ta pertenese esklusivo na e pueblonan di Sint Eustatius I Bonaire I no ta na konsentimentu ni deskushon di e kolonisado o poder administrado.

Sr Plasterk su kontestanan ta ku e no ta respeta e tratado di Nashonan Uni manera akorda I co-firma pa Hulanda na 1945 I ku e tin su propio interpretashon I mas alew ku su non-respet I su mes interpretashon lo no mester ta un sorpresa. Nos ta sinti ku esaki ta parse hipokresia pasobra Sr Plasterk no ta komprende e prinsipal obhetivo ku Nashonan Uni a wordu funda despues di Segunda Guerra mundial tabata pa motibu di aneksashon I okupashon di Hulanda dor di Hitler, Alemania. Na 10-10-10 Hulanda a hasi meskos di aneksa I okupa e inosente I humilde pueblonan di Sint Eustatius I Boneiru demonstrando ku nan no tin ni respet ni remordimiento pa humanidat. E akshonan inhumano aki awor ta pone luz bek riba e historia skur kolonial Hulandes, ja kaminda nos tabata hopi adelanta den e proseso di rekonsiliashon I kurashon pero awor Sr Plasterk I koleganan ta reinkarnashon di e taboo, kaminda ku e Hulandesnan tabata e kolonisadonan di mas kruel di mundu. Nos ta invita Sr Plasterk I koleganan pa mira un resumen kortiku di”loke kada Hulandes mester sa” I mas importante  Sr Plasterk ku mester ta un ehempel ku e posishon honorabel di minister di e pueblo Hulandes. Komo un komienso por fabor wak e video kortiku aki I despues lesa e buki di Vanvught: “Roofstaat” https://www.youtube.com/watch?=olncX67VKtk. Nos ta spera despues ku Sr Plasterk I koleganan komprende nos historia I pasado komun lo realiza ku nan a wordu maleduka komo sernan humano I ku e pueblonan di Sint Eustatius I Boneiru tambe ta igual ku nan, I ta mes un sernan humano ku nan mes. I esaki por ta nos salbashon I pa evita un otro krisis humanitario, Sr Plasterk I koleganan por interpreta e tratadonan di Nashonan Uni den e konteksto humano korekto i no kontinua den e mesun kaminda inhumano manera nan antepasadonan.

Nos ta kompletamente di desakuerdo ku Sr Plasterk ku ta bisa ku awor Sint Eustatius (meskos ku Boneiru) tin e status komo entidat publiko den Hulanda I ku den deskushonan ku Nashonan Uni a wordu konfirma ku relashonan den reino ta asuntunan interno I e diskushonan aki por wordu hasi sin intervenshon di Nashonan Uni. Na e punto aki Sr Plasterk ta konfirma tur lokual ariba menshona, ku gobiernu Hulandes no ta respeta tratadonan di Nashonan Uni I no ta respeta demokrasia I ta konfundi su mes ku elekshon pa miembro di konseho insular no ta meskos ku referendum di outo-determinashon, eskoho pa igualdat politiko, pasobra ta solamente e pueblo por disidi riba un kambio di status manera tabate kaso na 10-10-10.  No e posibel korupto, soborna I ekstorshona politkonan lokal I Hulandes, nan no ta disidi riba e derechonan di outo-dterminashon I derechonan humano di e pueblonan. E pueblonan di Sint Eustatius I Boneiru nunka a opta pa e status ilegal impone aki I tur intento ilegal demokratiko di Hulanda pa legalisa e status ilegal aki a frakasa te awor.

Mart 2017 ultimo elekshon Hulandes mas ku 80% di e pueblonan di Sint Eustatius I Boneiru a bolbe rechaza Sr Plasterk I 2de kamer su poltikonan komo nan representantenan. Den nan respektivamente  na 2014 I 2015 referenduman tabata mesun rechazo, kual a konstitui un refutashon legitimo di e status ilegal aki komo entidat publiko. Ta sigur ku Nashonan Uni naturalmente lo a bisa e bishitantenan I ofisialnan Hulandes kolonisado ku nan tin ku tene nan mes na e tratadonan I resolushonan di Nashonan Uni ku ta un mandato kla I ku tambe tin un traduskhon ofisial di e karta di Nashonan Uni na idioma Hulandes pa evita kualke malinterpretashon. I por supuesto ku esaki ta un asuntu interno manera mundo kompleto a tene nan mes na dje ta ku e gobiernu Hulandes su deber ta masha simpel di ta respeta, protega I kumpli ku esaki.
Loke ku Nashonan Uni nunka por a pensa ta ku e ofisialnan Hulandes aki, manera Sr Plasterk ta menshona, lo por duna nan mes interpretashon na e karta di Nashonan Uni kontrario na e klaramente delinja balornan I derechonan humano.  Pa refreska Sr Plasterk su memoria ta un berguensa pa nos hanja na komprende awor ku e delegashon Hulandes juda pa e elite Antiano (soborna I ekstorshona?) na 1955 a malinforma I manipula e Asamblea General di Nashonan Uni, resolushon 945, den un kontraversial I disputa voto, pa deskarga Hulanda di su obligashonan di raporta bao di e kondishon, ku nos, komo islanan kolonisa Antiano, lo keda bao di protekshon di artikulo 73. I ku e deskargo aki por wordu revoka na kualke momento den futuro, I ku esaki tabata un garantia pa nos, e islanan Antiano kolonisa  pa por bin bek bati na porta di Nashonan Uni si mester.                  E ehersisio aki di Nashonan Uni tabata pasobra ku mayoria no a konfia e gobiernu Hulandes ku su deber tabata pa kumpli ku igualdat politiko di akuerdo ku standardnan di propio-gobernashon. Na luga di esaki Hulanda a dirigi Antias den direkshon di outo-destrukshon ku a sosede na 10-10-10 ku desmantelashon di Antia Hulandes I Hulanda a re-kaptura , aneksa I okupa e islanan mas chikitu I indefenso di Sint Eustatius, Boneiru I Saba i a start un era nobo di rekolonisashon den region di Karibe.

Pa finalisa nos kier rekorda Sr Plasterk I koleganan ku resientemente den un seminario di Komite Spesial di Dekolonisashon C24 di Asamblea General di Nashonan Uni a wordu raporta ku Hulanda ta posee atrobe kolonianan den Karibe( islanan BES) I ku Nashonan Uni a determina ku kolonialismo ta krimen kontra humanidat I ku e pueblo, e suidadanonan di e teritorio kolonisa tin derecho di usa tur medio ku nan ta desea pa sali for di bao di kolonialismo I esaki ta di akuerdo ku Nashonan Uni I ley internashonal.


James Finies, Fundashon Nos Kier Boneiru Bek