20 July 2017

Decolonisation could be taught in Guam schools


Guam's Department of Education is formulating a plan to incorporate teaching about the self-determination vote and decolonisation in the local school curriculum.

Amanda Blas. 
Photo: Guam Governor's office

The department is currently working with the Commission on Decolonisation on the framework.

The executive director of the commission Amanda Blas said the aim was for the amended curriculum to start in kindergarten and be taught right through to high school.

Ms Blas said the new material would be added to existing subjects such as history and social studies, but she said the plan was still a work in progress.

"In the next couple of days the working session will happen, where we can discuss the curriculum framework more. Right now the commission is also looking at the possibility of strictly targeting high school students who will be able to vote for the plebiscite when the self-determination vote does happen," she said.

"Nothing has been finalised, but we have some great ideas and a bunch of the commission members and of course Guam's Department of Education are working together to really help see this through."