14 May 2016

Curacao law protects national labour force

Labor Minister: “Soon We Will Implement 80/20 System”

WILLEMSTAD – According to the Minister of Social Development, Labor and Welfare (SOAW) Ruthmilda Larmonie Cecilia (PS), the 80/20 system will enter into force soon.

This means that each company on the island must have 80% of their employees come from the local force. The other 20% can be foreigners.
According to the Minister this will improve the social situation on the island.
This is because local workers get jobs and then be able to stand on their own feet and be independent.
The Minister believes that one must first provide work for their own people and then for someone of a different nationality.
The moratorium on work permits for foreign nationals in positions where little training is required and for which the SOAW-ministry thinks that there are enough local forces to for these types of jobs, will generate many jobs, according to the Minister.
The moratorium on work permits for foreign nationals will enter into force on May 1 this year.
The moratorium on 34 types of jobs, which is a law to safeguard employment, will apply for one year.