19 October 2014

Anguilla political leader calls for independence to be addressed


The Anguillian
The Weekly Independent Newspaper of Anguilla

Mr Haydn Hughes, the Parliamentary Secretary for Tourism and Sports, and for many years a leading figure behind the Anguilla Independence Movement (AIM), has revived the call for that advanced status for the island.

Apart from Mr Hughes’ efforts towards that end, the Anguilla United Movement, in which he plays a key membership role, has also been promoting the issue. In fact, the last AUM-appointed Constitutional and Electoral Reform Committee had reportedly prepared a draft independence constitution with November 1, 2014 as the commencement date. Since then the matter appeared to have been placed on the back burner with more pressing matters on the mind of the Chief Minister.

Now, Mr Haydn Hughes, named by his father as his successor as the candidate for Road South, said at an AUM public meeting in South Hill on Saturday, October 11, that the time “had come for Anguillians to address the issue of independence.”

He stated that “independence must be on the card of any Government moving forward”, but suggested the holding of a referendum as a precursor.