07 August 2014

French rule of law in Polynesia: Justice delayed is justice denied

Removal of convicted French Polynesia President Gaston Flosse still to be implemented weeks after the verdict. French commitment to rule of law is in serious question.


Tahiti rule of law still questioned

A leading French Polynesian opposition politician, Teva Rohfritsch, has re-stated his shock at the French government's decision to shield the territory's president, Gaston Flosse.
Last month, Flosse was stripped of all his offices by France's highest court because of corruption.

However, the French government has refused to serve the sentence.
At the same time it accepted an application by Flosse to seek a presidential pardon and it allowed him to stay in office.
Rohfritsch of the A Tia Porinetia Party has told local television that the rule of law is being called into question.
“I have even, humbly, asked Mr Flosse to pre-empt this decision and to give up his mandate of president of French Polynesia. Young people are watching us. For me the law is after all the bedrock of our society and the territory's leading personality mustn't disregard it."
“I would like to address to Mr Francois Hollande. In any case our strongest wish is not to let things drag out because it puts into question fundamental things of the republic, the separation of power. The judiciary has made its decision and the executive cannot just lift it.”.