07 October 2014

Bonaire Civil Society again calls for genuine self-determination, decries influence of 'settler colonialism' on political system

Address to the Bonerian parliament in the meeting

to decide on a self-determination referendum 
for the Bonerian people

James Finies 
Fundashon Nos Ke Boneiru Bek

1 October 2014

"Holland has to respect your decision, and international law and their laws that they agreed to in the United Nations. And we encourage you, that the Bonerian people have chosen you to defend them, to stay strong for this because you have the support of our international law, and of your peoples behind you. Be responsible and do no leave to the peoples themselves to resort to their last recourse and right to rebel and revolution to defend and secure their freedom and rights in their own way."

(original Papiamento below)

We are here together with the same objective and in the forefront and defense of the Bonerian peoples. The issue of referendum and self-determination which signifies determine Bonaire’s own destiny, is 100% responsibility of the Bonerian peoples and of no other people, institution, government or political group. It is the right of the Bonerian peoples and your responsibility and duty to arrange this thru this parliament so the government can execute your decision and mandate according to the international laws established of self-determination and have this organized according to those laws.

We all are aware that in the previous three referenda, 1993, 2004 and 2010 the peoples representation, the parliament and government had abused the power that the people had given them, and did not comply honestly according to the wishes of the people and according to the laws of self-determination, particularly Article 1541 and it’s choices. For that reason, up to today, we are all together in a chaotic situation of division as Bonerian peoples.

Development and welfare and happiness of the Bonerian peoples is your final objective as politicians and duty as representatives of the people. This is only possible at the level of self-determination - as island, nation or as Bonerian peoples - if you let go of your personal pride and local partisan political position, and stand together to form a union with the Bonerian peoples, as one Bonerian people, and together move forward and continue the correct and natural and human process of emancipation, empowerment and creation of our nation Bonaire. There is no green, red, blue or any coloured Bonaire, but one Bonaire, one Bonerian peoples with one flag, one hymn and one destiny.

To realize this we are begging and pleading to you to consider and respect our people's rights that we inherited and acquired, that the island of Bonaire belongs only to the Bonerian peoples and not to any other people, and has to be returned back to the people so that they can pass it over to our next generations. For we who are here now and today, it is our obligation and responsibility to defend and secure this - nothing else.

Today is a crucial day. You are the last parliament chosen by the Bonerian peoples in the principles of international law of reason, ability and good faith that protects small colonized peoples as us from the influence and economical and numerical power of the colonizer Holland. Following the parliament of March 18, 2014, this will not be the case because the Dutch people who are governing and dominating and making laws and ruling us since 10-10-10 have removed this protection, and are repopulating our island with their own Dutch European people. This has caused them to become more numerous then ourselves, and through this illegal constitutional status, they have obtained illegal democratic voting rights. Thus, they will vote and co-form a new parliament not chosen by the Bonerian peoples, but also by their Dutch European peoples.

You are here because of democracy. The people have voted for you, and the same Bonerian people also have the same right as you to democratically vote to choose and determine their our destiny. You have to respect the people’s democratic rights and be aware that it is not acceptable to let the destiny of our Bonerian people be determined by a other people and not the Bonerian people. 

In similar situation a case as ours in New Caledonia that France has repopulated, and filled the islands with their own European French. To prevent that the destiny destiny will unjustly decide by the European French peoples, their parliament has passed the law and condition that residency of at least twenty years is required to have the right to vote in their self-determination referendum. And this decision has been supported by the European Court and is recognized and protected by the United Nations.

Same case in Holland, ourselves as Antillean, Bonerians, with same nationality and Dutch passport, is required to have at least ten years residency to vote for their parliament.

For these reasons we are begging you to consider this and if Holland intimidates you as the previous case and force you to surrender our self-determination right and right to determine our own destiny, that is of a higher level then that of a parliament, for less then these benchmarks, do not accept this, because this is unjust and treacherous.

Holland has to respect your decision, and international law and their laws that they agreed to in the United Nations. And we encourage you, that the Bonerian people have chosen you to defend them, to stay strong for this because you have the support of our international law, and of your peoples behind you. 

Be responsible and do no leave to the peoples themselves to resort to their last recourse and right to rebel and revolution to defend and secure their freedom and rights in their own way.


(original Papiamento)

Disertashon James Finies na konseho insular den reunión pa disidi pa un referéndum di autodeterminashon

James Finies, Fundashon Nos Ke Boneiru Bek
1 Oktober 2014

Nos ta huntu aki atrobe ku e mes un meta pa sali na vanguardia i defensa di e pueblo boneriano kompletu. E topiko di referéndum i autodeterminashon ku ta nifika determina Boneiru su mes destino, ta 100% responsabilidat di e pueblo Boneriano i no di ningún otro pueblo, instansia, gobiernu, o grupo politiko. Ta e pueblo Boneriano su derecho i boso responsabilidat i deber ta pa regla esaki via e parlamentu aki pa asina e gobiernu por ehekuta boso desishon i mandato konforme leynan internashonal establese di autodeterminashon i laga organisa esaki tambe konforme e leynan aki.

Nos tur ta na altura ku den tur e tres referendumnan, 1993, 2004 i 2010 e pueblo su representashon, pues parlamentu i gobiernu a mal usa su poder ku pueblo a dune i no a kumpli honestamente di akuerdo ku e deseo di e pueblo i ku e akuerdonan i leynan di autodeterminashon art.1541 i e eskohonan mara na esaki, i ta pesey te ku awe nos tur huntu ta den e situashon kaotiko i di divishon komo pueblo Boneriano. Desaroyo i bienestar i felisidat di e pueblo Boneriano den su totalidat loke ta boso tur su meta final komo poltikonan i deber komo representante di pueblo. Esaki ta solamente posibel na e nivel di autodeterminashon, komo isla, país o nashon Boneriano, ta si boso laga boso orguyo personal i posishon di politika partidista lokal, i para huntu i forma un bloke ku e pueblo Boneriano, komo un pueblo Boneriano i huntu kamina i sigui proseso korekto i natural i humano di emansipashon, empodersahon i kreashon di nos nashon Boneriano. No ta eksisti un Boneiru berde, kora, blou, o otro kolo, pero un pueblo Boneriano ku un bandera, un himno i un destino.

Pa logra esaki nos ta roga i suplika boso pa tene kuenta i respeta e pueblo su derechonan ku e la hereda i atkeri, ku e isla di Boneiru ta pertenese solamente na e pueblo Boneriano i no na niun otro pueblo i mester wordu debolbe bek na e pueblo pa e por pase dor nan su siguiente generashonan benidero. Boneiru ta di nos yunan i nan generashonan i nos ku ta aki awor i awe ta nos obligashon i responsabilidat ta pa defende i sigura esaki, nada otro.

Awe ta un dia krusial. Boso ta e ultimo parlamentu skohe pa e pueblo Boneriano den e kuadro di leynan internashonal di rasonabilidat i buena fe ku ta protehe pueblonan chiki kolonisa manera nos, kontra di influensia i poder ekonomiko i numeriko di e país kolonisado Hulanda. E siguiente parlamento después di boso, despues di 18 maart 2014 esaki lo no ta e kaso mas pasobra e pueblo Hulandes ku ta goberna i domina nos i traha leynan for di 10-10-10 a soru pa kita e protekshon aki i ta repopulando nos isla ku nan mes hendenan Hulandes Oropeonan i ta birando mas ku nos mes i nan dor di e status ilegal aki a obtene derecho pa vota, tambe ilegal, i nan lo vota i juda forma un parlemento nobo no vota dor di e pueblo Boneriano pero dor di nan pueblo Hulandes Oropeo tambe. 

Despues di e elekshon benidero, e derecho di autodeterminashon di e pueblo Boneriano lo no ta bao di direkshon di e pueblo Boneriano su eskoho i su parlamento so mas pero lo ta na merced di e parlamento nobo ku e Hulandes Oropeonan manera deskribi ariba tambe ku nan a vota i skohe pe. E divishon ku a krea na 10-10-10 lo bira mas grandi so si nos sigui persisti pa bai waak i midi forsa den elekshon. E elekshon aki no ta kontra kontrikante poltikonan o partidonan ku boso a kustumbra ku ne pero ta ta kontra Hulanda i pa boso isla i territorio Boneiru.

Boso ta aki ta medio di demokrasia, pueblo a vota pa boso, i meskos e pueblo Boneriano tambe tin mesun derecho ku boso pa medio di demokrasia hustu, voto, i skohe i determina su mes destino. Pues mester respeta e pueblo su derechonan demokratiko i tene kuenta ku no ta aseptabel pa laga destino di nos pueblo wordu determina pa otro pueblo ku no ta esun Boneriano.

Si den mesun situashon i kaso igual ku nos na Nueva Caledonia ku Fransia a repopula i jena e isla ku Franses oropeonan i pa evita ku nan destino lo wordu disidi inhustamente dor e pueblo Franses oropeo, nan parlamentu a pasa e ley i kondishon ku mester ta residensia por lo menos 20 anja pa tin e derecho pa por vota den nan referéndum di autodeterminashon. I e desishon aki a hanja respaldo legal di Korte Oropeo i ta wordu rekonose i salbargadia pa Nashonan Uni.

Meskos ku na Hulanda mes nos mes komo Antiano, Boneriano, ku mesun nashonalidat i pasport Hulandes, mester tin por lo menos 10 anja residensia pa por vota den nan elekshon pa nan parlamento.

Address to the Bonerian parliament in the meeting  
Ta pesey nos ta roga boso pa tene kuenta ku esaki i si Hulanda a intimida boso e ultimo biaha i obliga boso pa entrega nos derecho di autodeterminashon i disidi nos mes destino, ku ta un eskoho o votashon nan nivel mas haltu ku esun di parlamentu, pa menos ku e benchmarknan aki, no asepta esaki, pasobra esaki no ta hustu i ta di mala fe .Después di a pasa den dos proseso fraudulento di referéndum sigui, nos komo pueblo Boneriano lo no asepta esaki, bao di ningún forma. Hulanda mester respeta boso desishon i ley internashonal i nan mes leynan ku nan a bai di akuerdo ku ne den Nashonan Uni. I nos ta enkurasha boso, ku e pueblo Boneriano a skohe boso pa defende, pa para fuerte pa esaki pasobra boso tin respaldo di ley internashonal i tambe di boso pueblo boso tras. 

Sea responsabel i no laga pa e pueblo mes, mester resorta na su ultimo rekurso i derecho di rebeldía o revolushon pa defende i sigura su libertat i derechonan na su mes forma.