21 July 2017

‘Secret Code’: A Book Of Virgin Islands Triumph And Struggles

Press Release

A book that offers an exclusive glimpse into the Virgin Islands’ triumph, struggles, resilience and exploration (was) launched on June 20.

The book, titled ‘Secret Code’: British Virgin Islands’ is penned by Mrs. Mitsy J. Ellis-Simpson and will be launched through the collaborative efforts of the author and the Department of Culture.

Director of the Department of Culture, Mrs. Luce Hodge-Smith said that the department continues to promote literary arts in the Virgin Islands and that the novel contains comprehensive up-to-date facts on the economic history and current affairs of the British Virgin Islands.

Mrs. Hodge-Smith added, “We, at the Department of Culture, are always pleased to learn of authors writing and finding ways to document Virgin Islands culture and heritage. We are especially pleased to learn of the book, ‘Secret Code: British Virgin Islands’ and would like to congratulate Mrs. Ellis-Simpson and wish her success on all her future endeavours.”

Author, Mitsy J. Ellis-Simpson said her book goes far beyond navigating the World's Sailing Capital, and is packed with exclusive content.

She added that it is the first publication that beautifully illustrates the political, economic and social environment of the British Virgin Islands.

Mrs. Ellis-Simpson said, “The book presents a thrilling experience of struggles, triumph and resilience like none other. Whether you are an investor, a citizen, a tourist, a student, a financial professional or just a passerby, Secret Code: British Virgin Islands is a book for everyone which amplifies our vision of “Nature’s Little Secrets”, the British Virgin Islands.”

For more information on the latest addition in literary collections, persons can visit the Government of the Virgin Islands YouTube channel or use the following link to view the interview with author, Mrs. Mitsy Ellis-Simpson and Director of Culture, Mrs. Luce Hodge-Smith at https://www.youtube.com/BVIGovernment