08 April 2016

Guam Commission Agrees on Political Status Education Programme

A less contentious meeting was held yesterday as the resumption of Tuesday's Commission on Decolonization meeting. Rather than a defensive back-and-forth with the governor, discussions focused on the "education" component of the process and the funding that comes with taking on the task.

Some $30,000 was allotted to each task force during the last fiscal year. An additional $150,000 in local funds is available to draw down according to the Calvo administration before a $300,000 grant from the federal government is made available.

During the meeting yesterday, members rallied behind the education process as the primary discussion focused on a motion by Sen. Rory Respicio on Gov. Eddie Calvo's proposal that the education component of the decolonization process be undertaken.

"I move that the commission adopt the education plan presented by Gov. Calvo, and amended by the commission, which sets a very aggressive political status education campaign in which the commission approves all educational materials about the respective status option," stated Respicio.