15 April 2015

United Nations publishes 2015 reports on U.S. Dependencies

Image result for decolonizationThe United Nations (U.N.) has begun to release its informational Working Papers for 2015 on the 17 non self-governing territories. Below are links to the three dependencies administered by the United States in the Caribbean formally designated by the U.N. The reports are prepared annually by the Decolonisation Unit of the Department of Political Affairs, and are used by the member States of the U.N. Decolonisation Committee as they review the political, constitutional, and socio-economic developments in each territory and make recommendations to the General Assembly on measures to advance the decolonisation process. To view the U.N. reports on the United Kingdom-administered dependencies click 
on:   United Nations publishes 2015 reports on British dependencies.

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According to the latest Report of the U.N. Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS) on the U.N. system support to the decolonisation process (2007), the production of the annual Working Papers on the 17 non self-governing territories are the "primary way" the Decolonisation Unit supports the Special Committee (on Decolonisation). The OIOS Report indicated that the research, analysis and drafting of the Working Papers constitute the Unit’s main output" utilising "some 73 per cent of the total Unit work months." 

These Papers also constitute the main substantive documents for the annual regional seminars originally designed in 1990 to alternate between the Caribbean and Pacific, and to focus on the small island territories which constitute most of the remaining dependencies.

United Nations Working Papers 2015
U.S. - administered dependencies


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