09 November 2011

Understanding Actions: Strengthening the Pursuit of Justice for Guam


Presented by Therese M. Terlaje
Forum on Guam’s Quest for Decolonization
I Liheslaturan Guahan
October 28, 2011

Buenas!  I would like to greet and acknowledge that I am in the presence of distinguished members of our community, many who have been elected to office and who have served our quest for self determination with wisdom, dignity, courage, and excellence and have by their actions inspired the aspirations of my generation.  I am humbled to be allowed by the Speaker and members of the 31st Guam Legislature to make a presentation to those who have actually been in negotiations on our behalf or have helped to get our leaders to the table by their diligent vocalization of the injustice.  It is impossible to be more eloquent or entertaining than those before me and with me on this panel. I appreciate very much your indulgence in this humble effort to revitalize attention to these endeavors.
The impacts of historical injustices continue to plague the standard of living and quality of life for the people of Guam, manifested in medical, economic, environmental, and political aspects.  The delay and denial of justice for the inhabitants of Guam have impeded past efforts to achieve a sustainable economy for Guam following World War II, and to this day contribute to an identity crisis in our children and overall crisis in families and in our government.    Guam must urgently strive for Justice through Political Self Determination that incorporates a voice and authority to negate or halt the standard of living impacts from carte blanche military expansion and other federal plans for Guam, and from the negative consequences of blanket or unstudied imposition of U.S. laws on Guam. Without justice, sustainability will elude Guam.  Without sustained efforts, justice will elude her people.
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