15 May 2012

Sarkozy, Africa and the decision of the French electorate

We are very grateful to the people of France for doing the right thing and voting out war monger Nikolas Sarkozy.

Africa is a much safer place without this war monger. Thinking himself the re-incarnation of Napoleon Bonaparte, he advocated a most destructive militarism that has singularly created havoc throughout Africa. The United States Administration allowed this blood-thirsty Frenchman to take the lead in Africa policy, as if France never had a vested interest given its history of colonial rule and its continued exploitation of so-called Francophone African countries; several West African countries whose currency is pegged to the French Franc.

Under the pretense of securing democracy in Africa, the Frenchman might have been, in his mind, actually exacting vengeance because African countries had the temerity to throw out French colonials in the 1960s. Some continue fighting to disentangle their economies from the fading empire's. 

In the Ivory Coast, Bonaparte intervened militarily in an internal election stalemate to install a pro-Western former IMF official, Alasanne Quatarra, after disputed elections. Rather than insist on a recount and verification Sarkozy decided to spill the blood of Ivorian citizens. Laurent Gbagbo, who had also insisted he was the winner of the election was then hijacked and spirited to the International Criminal Court (ICC) which serves as an "enforcer" for Western interests.

Gbagbo is accused of being responsible for war crimes allegedly committed by his armed forces during the mayhem after the stalemate. Yet, in plain daylight, Quatarra's own forces also committed massacres as they marched on and seized the capital city of Abidjan. This was reported even by the Western media as the bodies were left to rot in plain view. So wouldn't it be fair and just that Quatarra also be brought to the Hague to face charges? But he won't because he represents France's interests in the region. It's this sort of ugly "victors' justice" syndrome that has destroyed the credibility of the ICC. 

In the Libyan conflict, the African Union, anchored by South Africa's President Jacob Zuma, drew up a sensible peace proposal: cease fire, relief corridor, compensation for victims, and elections monitored by the International community. Instead, Bonaparte led the charge through NATO, with merciless daily bombings for months, killing countless Libyan civilians, and destroying buildings and infrastructure that clearly Bonaparte thought French companies would get lucrative contracts to repair. 

Although Bonaparte delighted in spitting on (Jacob) Zuma's face and humiliating the African Union, today where is the democracy and the rule of law in Libya that Bonaparte and NATO promised would replace Muammar al-Quathafi's rule? Libya today is like the old Iraq during its wild-wild West days. 

Bonaparte boasted that he would kill Muammar al-Quathafi and he succeeded. His diabolic warmongering prompted a fellow European, Vladimir Putin, to conclude that the attack was akin to a barbarian and medieval call to crusade against Libya and Africa. In a fair world, Bonaparte would also be hauled to the Hague to face war crimes charges.

The desecration of Libya and Africa was cheered by the editorial pages of major newspapers such as The New York Times, whichreferred to the NATO-backed insurrectionsists as "liberators" and "revolutionaries." The newspaper has not used these terms in reference to Libya for many months now. 

The weapons unleashed after the destruction of Libya is now fueling upheavals throughout West Africa. The Western example, that violence is the best means of settling political disputes in Africa, no doubt encouraged those solkdiers who launched the military takeovers in Mali and Guinea. The turmoil will continue for a long time. Thanks to NATO and Bonaparte. 

But now that Bonaparte is out of office, he could face indictment for the numerous alleged crimes of political corruption that's always dogged him in France. 

How ironic that Italy's Silvio Berlusconi and France's Nikolas Bonaparte, a pair of the warmongers, have now fallen from power spectacularly and disgracefully..... 

Francois Hollande will need prayers as he tries to clean up Bonaparte's mess. He can start by renouncing the new French imperialism in Africa.