16 February 2010

Political Party Makes Bold Statement to UK in Turks and Caicos

by TCIwatch

The political parties in Turks and Caicos are careful to make clear that they have "moved forward" from the problems surrounding the ousted former Premier, Michael Misick. The PNP (Progressive National Party), the same party to which Misick belonged, explains that it is clearly competent to lead Turks and Caicos and wishes to "move forward" from judgments of Misick, which caused the UK to take over all governance from Turks and Caicos. The PNP has made clear its position on the UK's invasion of Turks and Caicos on August 2009; it is unwelcome and unwanted in the Turks and Caicos government.

In a press statement on January 18, 2010, PNP hopeful, McAllister Hanchell stated, Turks and Caicos "...continues to be in danger of being undermined and infiltrated by individuals carrying out the British Government's and Gordon Wetherell's [UK governor] agenda of divide and conquer." Since the UK's arrival in August 2009, there has been much alarm in regard to UK's drastic and draconian measures, including taking democracy and civil rights from the people who reside in Turks and Caicos.

Besides the loss of revenue from the GDP decidedly from UK's poor business plan, the UK has also taken many citizens' property, the peoples' right to vote, judiciary, etc. However, most alarming to the PNP, is the way in which the UK is politically motivating people to confuse the relevant points that civil rights have been taken. Hanchell goes on to express, "The strategy of the British Government is to maintain political divisions within and between the current political party structures and maintain their presence in our Country."

If you have read my preceding article wherein I explain how the UK is using the media and opposition parties to create a climate of fear and infighting, you might agree with Mr. Hanchell's foregoing statement. But that's not the end of the story, it's only the beginning really. As the political parties sort out how they will lead, or if they will be allowed to lead in light of the UK's long arm, they must also unite for the common goal for autonomous self government. Prior to UK's take over of the Turks and Caicos Islands, the autonomous island territory had its own constitution and was working toward sovereignty.

The problems created by Michael Misick is far less than those created by the UK. However, all of these problems can be sorted out in time with a good leader and good local governance. Political infighting has to be isolated and marganlised so that those moving forward can make progress. This includes all political parties working toward the same common goal, democracy