06 November 2017


zwarte pieten Hans Pama Flickr.
The police had to closed down a street in Nijmegen on Wednesday night after an information evening on Sinterklaas' controversial helper Zwarte Piet devolved into a brawl, Omroep Gelderland reports.
According to the broadcaster, an anarchist group organized the information evening at cafe De Klinker on Van Broeckhuysenstraat. The topic of discussion was how parents can discuss the racism around Zwarte Piet with their children and at schools. One of the speakers was well known anti-Zwarte Piet activist .
Followers of right-wing group Nijmegen Rechtsaf went to the cafe to, according to them, "make a peaceful counter-noise heard". The situation escalated and a fight started. According to the broadcaster, punches were thrown. As was water and flour. 
The police intervened and calm returned to the city. 
Nijmegen Rechtsaf wrote on Facebook that one of its members was injured and had to go to a first aid post for treatment.
No one was arrested, according to Omroep Gelderland. A spokesperson for the police told RTL Nieuws that they have no comment on the incident as yet.