03 March 2015

Guam legislation would boost cultural and sports programs

Press Release

Senator Morrison’s Bill Aims to Strengthen Guam’s Image Abroad Through Cultural and Sports Ambassadors Program

Senator Morrison’s Bill Aims to Strengthen Guam’s Image Abroad Through Cultural and Sports Ambassadors Program

Senator Tommy Morrison recently introduced Bill No. 39-33 (LS), which would create a Cultural and Sports Ambassadorship Program Fund. If enacted, the measure would require that a portion of the Tourist Attraction Fund be deposited into the new Fund. Proceeds would be used to support opportunities for cultural organizations and sports teams to promote Guam’s rich and unique culture abroad - through their participation in fairs, competitions, and activities that are duly approved by the Guam Visitors Bureau. The measure was co-sponsored by Senator Tina Muña-Barnes, legislative tourism committee chairperson.

Learning from their many years of experience as athletes, Senators Morrison and Muña -Barnes know all too well the challenges many of Guam’s athletes deal with in order to pay for airfare and other expenses involved in competing abroad. They are also very familiar with the difficulties cultural groups have in raising enough funds to participate in regional and international fairs and cultural presentations.

According to Senator Muña -Barnes, “from events like the Festival of the Pacific Arts to the Summer Olympics, cultural groups and sports teams have and continue to serve as wonderful ambassadors of our beautiful island paradise. The information they provide about Guam, the wonderful stories they share, and the flag they carry with great pride and honor before thousands of people in communities across the world - are all part of the responsibility they naturally have as representatives of Guam. Bill No. 39-33 (LS) seeks to acknowledge their contributions as integral members of Guam’s tourism industry.

“Many of our athletes, both youth and adults, work very hard every year to raise funds so they can compete in off-island competitions. They fundraise in addition to keeping busy practice schedules and while maintaining their primary obligations at home or work. Like sports teams, cultural groups share very similar challenges in their desire to represent Guam to the best of their abilities. I believe it is time for our government to finally step up to the plate and support our cultural and sports ambassadors,” concluded Senator Morrison.

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