27 June 2013

United Confederation of Taino People asks U.N. Indigenous Issues Forum to convene expert group on non-self governing territories

Similar recommendation contained in report on "Decolonization in the Pacific" presented to the Permanent Forum in May.


UCTP submission to U.N. Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII) under Item 8: Future work of the Permanent Forum, including matters of the Economic and Social Council and emerging issues


Submission by the United Confederation of Taíno People (Caribbean Regional) Presented by Roberto Mukaro Borrero 

Takahi kena hahom. Greetings and thank you Mr. Chair: 

The United Confederation of Taíno People is a regional initiative representing Indigenous Peoples of the Caribbean Islands. We have participated at every session of the UNPFII seeking to raise the visibility and promote a better understanding of the situations of Indigenous Peoples from this region, which is connected to Latin America in these proceedings. 

Indeed, while the term Latin America and the Caribbean is promoted at various levels throughout the Permanent Forum sessions, as well as throughout the United Nations system, the full and effective participation of Indigenous Peoples of the Caribbean is unfortunately a rarity rather than the norm. 

On the unusual occasion when Caribbean Indigenous Peoples, Indigenous islanders in particular, are highlighted within the system, there has been very little action on the part of U.N agencies or governments to engage in meaningful dialog or follow-up. 

For example, the Programme of Action for the Second International Decade of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, under Item 6 Social and economic development, section b-85 states, and I quote: 

“ It is recommended that representatives of Caribbean indigenous peoples should be included in region-specific consultations and conferences in Latin America and the Caribbean, and on steering committees for planning and implementing the programme of activities for the Second International Decade. Serious consideration should also be given to organizing a special regional consultative session focusing on the unique situation of Caribbean indigenous peoples, which would take place in the Caribbean, hosted by a Member State and a local indigenous community.” 

Mr. Chair, to date there has been no such meeting and we are now nearing the close of the second Decade.With this in mind, the United Confederation of Taíno People recommends that the Permanent Forum: 

1.) Call on the Inter-Agency Support Group and Governments to support a regional consultative meeting on the situation of Caribbean Indigenous including Indigenous Peoples of non-self governing territories and unincorporated territories in the region, without discrimination. 

2.) In cooperation with Indigenous Peoples, organize and hold an expert group meeting on the situation of Indigenous Peoples of non-self governing territories and unincorporated territories in 2014 and report on said meeting at its 13th session.