23 October 2012

Commonwealth Parliamentary Association team to observe election in the Turks & Caicos to restore dependency governance status

Did the British invite CARICOM to observe the election?

Was the United Nations invited? 

United Nations Electoral Affairs Division


  1. Anguilla - 4 July 1999
  2. Bermuda - 2 July 2003
  3. British Virgin Islands  2 July 1991
  4. Cayman Islands - 15 May 2002
  5. Turks and Caicos Islands - 2 July 1991 
  6. Montserrat (full member) 4th July 1973 


Anguilla United Kingdom 96 14,766
Bermuda United Kingdom 53 68,265
British Virgin Islands United Kingdom 153 24,939
Cayman Islands United Kingdom 260 50,209
Falkland Islands (Malvinas) United Kingdom 11,961 3,140
Montserrat United Kingdom 98 5,118
St. Helena United Kingdom 122 7,670
Turks and Caicos Islands United Kingdom 430 23,528
United States Virgin Islands United States 340 109,750

TCI News

The Commonwealth Parliamentary Association British Islands and Mediterranean Region (CPA BIMR) will facilitate a team of observers to take part in an election observer mission in the TCI, Governor Ric Todd announced last Thursday.

The election observer mission will be in the TCI from 6-12 November 2012 and present its report to the governor before departure.

During a busy programme on polling day, Friday, 9 November, the team will cover seventeen polling stations on Grand Turk, Providenciales, South Caicos, Salt Cay, North and Middle Caicos.

The team has now been selected, in coordination with the Association of Caribbean Electoral Organisations (ACEO), and will include Members from the UK Parliament and the Parliament of Gibraltar together with observers from BVI, The Bahamas, Guyana, Jamaica and St Lucia.

“Applying the highest international standards has been crucial to the reforms and changes that have been brought about over the last three years,” said Todd. “It is a logical extension of this process to make sure that we show the world that we can meet and exceed the highest standard of conduct through this election monitoring team’s judgement, conclusions and report.”

The election observer team members are:

1. Gasper Jn Baptiste, Deputy Chief Elections officer, St Lucia.

2. Joe Bossano MP, Minister for Enterprise Training and Employment, Gibraltar
3. Thomas Doherty MP, UK Parliament
4. James Duddridge MP, UK Parliament
5. Sherlyn Hall, Deputy Permanent Secretary, Parliamentary Registration Department, The Bahamas
6. Keith Lowenfield, Assistant Chief Election Monitor, Guyana
7. Rev. Lowenfield, Assistant Chief Election Monitor, Jamaica
8. Juliette Penn, Election Commissioner, BVI