12 April 2012

New Chair of the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS) Chair shares views on Rio+20

 Ambassdor Marlene Moses
Chair, Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS)

"AOSIS is comprised of some of the most vulnerable nations to climate change. Thus, our main priority continues to be achieving greenhouse gas emissions reductions in line with the scientific recommendations. The bottom line for this effort should be the creation of an environment suitable for the survival of all nations. 

Of course, we know that climate impacts are already occurring and will become more severe in the years to come. To that end, wealthy countries must provide the necessary resources to help developing countries, and SIDS in particular, both adapt to these impacts and build their own sustainable energy sources.

AOSIS has three main objectives for Rio +20: First, is to achieve recognition of the special challenges SIDS face in the areas of development and environmental degradation, as well as the inextricable links between them. Second, it is essential to recognise the challenges climate change poses and will continue to pose to sustainable development for SIDS. 

Finally, a priority is to strengthen the institutional framework for sustainable development to better meet the needs of SIDS and find agreement to convene the Third Global Conference for the Sustainable Development of SIDS in 2014.

To prepare SIDS delegations for Rio +20, AOSIS will provide SIDS leadership and technical staff with the latest information on scientific, economic, and social issues so that they can effectively conduct outreach and advocate for SIDS priorities at the conference.

AOSIS looks to SIDSnet as a facilitation mechanism for meeting the new and continuing challenges that SIDS face. As the new chair, we look forward to building on the existing capacity of SIDSnet."