31 October 2012

Film on Curacao's freedom fighter Tula to begin production

Danny Glover leading role in film about Curacao slave revolt

WILLEMSTAD – In Curaçao preparations are being made to begin shooting a film about Tula, the leader of a great uprising of slaves on the island. One of the roles is played by American actor Danny Glover (66), known from famous Hollywood movies like “Lethal Weapon” and “The Color Purple”.

The cast members were announced at a press conference in Willemstad. The Curaçao film is titled ‘Tula – The Revolt’.

Tula is a legendary figure in Curaçao. He led a rebellion of slaves in 1795, protesting against poor living and working conditions in the plantations. After a few weeks Tula was arrested and executed by the Dutch rulers.


Besides Danny Glover, other actors in the movie are Jeroen Krabbé, Derek de Lint, Henriette Tol and Barry Hay. The singer of Golden Earring has a house on Curacao. Even actors and actresses of the island are involved in Tula.
The film should premiere next year. In 2013 it will be 150 years since slavery was abolished.