20 April 2014

Petition to Free the Raizal People from Columbian Colonization


"We are tired of being a Colony of Colombia and of her bad treatment, we are taking back our Land and our Freedom".

The ancestors of the Raizal People voluntarily adhered to Colombia in 1822 ("according to Colombian historians"), thinking it would be a safe relationship; but tod
ay, the Raizal People are on their way to extinction under the ethnocidal and genocidal Colombian regime by:
(1) Losing more than 50% of their ancestral land titles. (2) 
The capital island being intentionallyoverpopulated, today with a density of more than 3.000 inhabitants per km2 causing multiple problems, making it unsustainable environmental, social, economically, giving deaf ears to the pleas by Raizals   (3) Being outnumbered by immigrants and becoming a minority on their ancestral Territory.  (4) Being discriminated in their own land.  (5) Having their Territory ceded to other countries through unconsulted treaties.  (6) Having their traditional peace and welfare affected by Colombia's tolerating and encouraging drug trafficking, money laundering and violence through its corrupted forces and its corrupted political system.