23 October 2017


ECOSOC Special Meeting - Aftermath of recent hurricanes: Achieving a risk-informed and resilient 2030 Agenda

24 October 2017

An aerial shot of hurricane-battered Dominica. Photo: WFP/Norha Restrepo
The Economic and Social Council is organizing a Special Meeting on “Aftermath of recent hurricanes: Achieving a risk-informed and resilient 2030 Agenda” from 10:00 – 13:00 on 24 October 2017. 
As the United Nations and the international community step up efforts to assist the affected countries, the ECOSOC Special Meeting aims to highlight the economic, social and ecological dimensions of the recent hurricanes and earthquakes, and to enhance coordination in response, recovery, rehabilitation, reconstruction and development efforts in the aftermath.

Objectives of the special meeting of ECOSOC

This meeting will draw on recent experience of countries along with experts on the topic to:
Discuss the current situation and the economic, social and environmental impacts of the natural disasters on the affected countries and how these will impact development gains and the countries’ capacities to implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and achieve the SDGs; 
Share measures and practices by countries to manage and respond to the natural disasters, and draw lessons from the previous ones;
Examine how the United Nations system, regional and international organizations, civil society organizations, the private sector and the scientific community can work better together at all levels to help countries effectively reduce disaster risk and strengthen resilience, prepare for and respond to future disaster events, with the support of risk financing instruments;
Discuss the importance and mechanisms for accessing finance on concessional terms for climate vulnerable states, including SIDS;
Discuss the importance of revisiting the criteria for country classification and the need to include vulnerability to economic shocks and natural disasters as a key consideration.