16 June 2017


Its in the King's hands

James Finies, Nos Ke Boneiru Bek 

"Netherlands cannot covet seat on United Nations (U.N.) Security Council 
while refusing to comply with U.N. Charter Obligations."

With this petition, I , James Finies, ahumble Bonairian requests the King to make a decision that may finalize the decolonization of the islands of the former Netherlands Antilles.

The King will in effect decide whether the United Nations mandated right to a “full measure of self-government” shall prevail, which is the öbject and purpose”of Chapter XI  and hence of the United Nations Charter. The Government of the Netherlands cannot covet a seat on the United Security Council, the highest and most prestigious spot on the world stage, while at the same time treating the Charter with contempt. There are no other options recognized by the UN for these islands. The only option recognized is that of “full measure of self-government”. Embedding, BES islands, Caribisch Nederland etc, etc, are not what United Nations mandated.

With these simple questions the King will decide whther we fulfill the oblectives of Chapter XI and ensure “a full measure of self-government”for each island. Any other approach will be a descent into lawlessness and that we are sure, His Royal Highness will never advocate. For St Maarten this can mean, the end of the discussion about the ethcis Chamber, for Curacao it signals the end of the Governor's involvement in the formation process and for Aruba the end of Financial Supervison. For Bonaire and Statia, the halt of the embedding process and for all islands, the disappearance of the function of Governor as governmental institution, and the declaration that articles 43, 44, 50 and 51 of the Kingdom Charter are no longer applicable or in force as they are in conflict with “a full measure of self-government”.

Finally, article 103 of the United Nations Charter guarantees that this “full measure of self-government”will remain intact. Any law, agreement, protocol, that conflicts or clashes with that right, has to yield, and can find no application!




Ta den man di Rei

James Finies, Nos Ke Boneiru Bek

Hulanda no por codicia asiento den Konseho di Seguridat di Nashonan Uni, mientras ku e ta nenga di kumpli ku obligashonan di e karta di Nashonan Uni.

Ku e petishon aki, ami, James Finies, un humilde Boneriano ta pidi Rei pa tuma un desishon ku por finalisa e dekolonisashon di e islanan di e ex- Antias Hulandes.

Rei lo disidi en efekto , ku lo prevalese e derecho supremo di Nashonan Uni di un “ful grado di propio-gobernashon”, ku ta e öbhetivo I proposito”di e Kapitulo XI I konsekwentemente di e karta di Nashonan Uni. E gobiernu Hulandes no por codicia un asiento den Konseho di Seguridat di Nashonan Uni, e maximo I mas prestigioso puesto riba plataforma mundial, I na mes momento ta trata e karta ku desprecio. No tin otro opshonan rekonose pa Nashonan Uni pa e islanan aki. E uniko opshon rekonose ta di un “full grado di propio-gobernashon” . Ankramentu, di islanan BES, Hulanda Caribense, ets , ets no ta mandato di Nashonan Uni.

Ku e simpel preguntanan aki, rei lo disidi ku nos ta kumpli ku e obhetivonan di Kapitulo XI I segura “un full grado di propio-gobernashon” pa kada isla. Kualke otro aserkamentu lo ta un desenco den anarkia I nos ta sigur ku rei nunka lo promove esey.  Pa Sint Maarten esaki lo nifika final di diskushon riba e  kamber di integridat, pa Korsow ta final di involvimentu di gobernado den e proseso di formashon I pa Aruba final di supervishon finansiero. Pa Boneiru I Statia, suspenshon di e proseso di ankramentu I pa tur isla desaparisashon di Gobernado komo instituto gobernamental, I deklarashon ku artikulonan 43, 44, 50 I 51 di Statuut di reino no aplikabel mas o vigente pasobra nan ta den konflikto ku un “ful grado di propio-gobernashon”.

Por ultimo, e artikulo 103 di Nashonan Uni ta garantisa ku e “full grado di propio-gobernashon”lo keda intakto. Kualke ley, akuerdo, protokol, ets, ku ta den konflikto o ta e pugna ku e derecho aki, tin ku somete su mes I no por tin ningun aplikashon!