12 June 2015

National Democratic Party Wins 2015 Virgin Islands Elections


Press Release

Colene A. Penn
Communications Officer

Deputy Governor’s Office 
Telephone: 468-2350
Email:    Copenn@gov.vg

The National Democratic Party (NDP) emerged victorious at the Virgin Islands 2015 General Election held on June 8, winning 11 out of 13 seats. The remaining two seats were won by the Virgin Islands Party incumbent’s in districts one and three. The final tally is seen below.

Supervisor of Elections, Ms. Juliette Penn (pictured below) said that the process was a lengthy one and encountered some challenges along the way but all the persons involved in the process executed their duties with integrity and in a transparent manner. 

Ms. Penn said, “I extend my appreciation to the complement of staff employed in this general election in particular my returning officers, presiding officers, tally clerks, poll clerks, tabulators, administrative staff and my Deputy, Ms. Lorna Christopher.”

She added, “This is one exercise in which the community comes together to ensure democracy is served and that elections are free and fair in the Virgin Islands.”

The next step will be the returning of the Election Writs to His Excellency the Governor.

The Office of the Supervisor of Elections is responsible for the administration and execution of General Elections in the Virgin Islands.

Electoral District
Party Affiliation
District 1
Andrew Fahie
Virgin Islands Party
District 2
Melvin “Mitch” Turnbull
National Democratic Party
District 3
Julian Fraser
Virgin Islands Party
District 4
Mark Vanterpool
National Democratic Party
District 5
Delores Christopher
National Democratic Party
District 6
Alvera Maduro-Caines
National Democratic Party
District 7
Dr. Kedrick Pickering
National Democratic Party
District 8
Marlon Penn
National Democratic Party
District 9
Hubert “Bertie” O’Neal
National Democratic Party
Territorial At-Large
Archibald Christian
National Democratic Party
Territorial At-Large
Ronnie W. Skelton
National Democratic Party
Territorial At-Large
Dr. D. Orlando Smith
National Democratic Party
Territorial At-Large
Myron V. Walwyn
National Democratic Party


1st District
Andrew Fahie, VIP, 652.
Shania Smith, NDP, 277.
Preston Stoutt, Independent, 68.

2nd District
Melvin Turnbull, NDP, 600.
Elford Parsons, People Empowerment Party, 291.
Raja Smith, VIP, 25.

3rd District
Julian Fraser, VIP, 596.
Kevin Smith, NDP, 561.

4th District
Mark Vanterpool, NDP, 717.
Joanne Romney, VIP, 151.

5th District
Delores Christopher, NDP, 590.
Zoe McMillian, 399.
Abdul Shabazz, 23.

6th District
Alvera Maduro Caines, NDP. 637.
Elvis Harrigan, VIP, 237.
Dion Jennings, Independent, 43.

7th District
Dr. Kedrick Pickering, NDP, 607.
Oleavine Pickering-Maynard, VIP, 199.

8th District
Marlon Penn, NDP, 943.
McLloyd Walters, VIP, 185.

9th District
Dr. Hubert O'Neal, NDP, 669.
Elton Sprauve, VIP, 389.
Albert Wheatley, 63.
Vernon Vanterpool, 37.
Stephanie Faulkner-Williams, 36.
Fay Reese, People's Empowerment Party, 27.

Myron V. Walwyn, 5,777.
Dr. Orlando Smith, 5,753.
Ronnie Skelton, 5,333.
Archibald Christian, 4,659.
Dr. Karl Dawson, 3,420.
Irene Penn-O'Neal, 2,905.
Sharie B. de Castro, 2,676
Dancia Penn, 1,837.
Charmaine Rosan-Bunbury, 1,770.
J. Alvin Christopher, 894.
Natalio Wheatley, 470.
Khoy Smith, 158.
Lorie Rhymer, 157.
Dr Rawle Hannibal, 119.
Edmund Maduro, 86.
Ishmael Brathwaite, 64.