13 June 2013

New PM of Curacao says unity essential to nation-building

Asjes: ‘Together We Can Achieve’

Curacao Chronicle
Prime Minister

WILLEMSTAD – “As a Government we are calling on all citizens of Curacao to join forces and work together in confidence, peace and tranquility to build a strong nation, in which all everyone can enjoy equal opportunities and are able to develop their talents.”

These words were expressed by the brand new Prime Minister of Curacao, Ivar Asjes (Pueblo Soberano) last night during his first national speech, which was broadcasted on television. Mr. Asjesshowed appreciation for the work of the transitional Government headed by Daniel Hodge during the past five months.

“Curacao faces major challenges and it requires the help from all of us. Let us prove our greatness and show humility to form a strong alliance together, regardless of our political differences, in peace and tranquility and achieve social justice for all,” Ashes said.

Right after Asjes and the rest of the Ministers were sworn in, they had the first Council of Ministers in Fort Amsterdam. The Government is convinced that everyone wants to live in a society in which there is a balance between economic development and social-cultural development and in which the emphasis is on education, health, healthy environment, optimal social care and safety.

The Prime Minister stressed that respect, equality, dignity and happiness are important values. “We have to make the contrast disappear, just as the social deprivation which is a visible difference in the quality of the lives between residents and families in the neighborhoods. By investing in the community and the social structural infrastructure in the neighborhoods, the crime that has the community in its grip.

“We need to pursue a country that is proud of its identity and its global position. Each Minister will wholeheartedly work to serve the public of Curacao in a professional manner and to deliver concrete results at the end,” Asjes concluded.

Daily Herald

WILLEMSTAD — The Asjes-cabinet – preceded by the Schotte, Betrian and Hodge cabinets – was officially installed yesterday and thus the fourth cabinet since the beginning of the new country Curaçao on October 10th 2010. 

In principle the new cabinet is in power for the next three and a half years and will be led by the new premier Ivar Asjes on behalf of the Pueblo Soberano party. Ivar Asjes was born on September 16, 1970. He has a master in Economy at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam (1995). 

In the past he was the deputy of Economic Affairs for PLKP and later on deputy of Finance for the PS in the last Board of Governors of the island territory Curaçao. He was the chairman of the Parliament from 10-10-’10 to 2012. Asjes was parliamentarian for the PS since the elections of October 2012 and is now the new premier of Curaçao entrusted with the portfolio of General Affairs.

Three of the nine ministers will not return, namely premier Daniel Hodge; minister of Social Development, Labor and Welfare, Sherwin Josepha (PS), and vice-premier Steven Martina (PAIS). Also minister plenipotentiary in The Hague, Roderick ‘Roy’ Pieters, will not return in the Asjes’-cabinet.

The first vice-premier in the Asjes-cabinet is the Minister of Administration, Planning and Service IBPD), Etienne van der Horst (PAIS). The second vice-premier, José Jardim, is also Minister of Finance on behalf of independent parliamentarian Glenn SulvaranBernard ‘Ben’ Whiteman (PS) is the Minister of Health, Environment and Nature (GMN). 

Jean-Marie Francisca (PS) is the new Minister of Social Development, Labor and Welfare. She succeeds Sherwin Josepha. Nelson Navarro (PAIS) will return as Minister of Justice, while Stanley Palm (PAIS) is the new Minister of Economic Development. He succeeds vice-premier Steven Martina. Rubina ‘Rubia’ Bitorina (PS) will return as Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports (OWSC), and Earl Balborda (PNP) as Minister of Traffic, Transport and Regional Planning.

Marvelyne Wiels, sister of PS-leader Helmin Wiels who was murdered on May 5th, will become the minister plenipotentiary.