23 August 2011

Bermuda and the Struggle for Reform: New Book

Bermuda and the Struggle for Reform:
Race, Politics and Ideology, 1944-1998

A new book by Walton Brown Jr.
political analyst and social commentator 

This book is a study of the quest for social reform in Bermuda. It starts with the Bermuda Workers Association, the first organisation combining economic, social and political struggles and which sought to transform Bermuda for the betterment of its people; it ends with the 1998 election of the Progressive Labour Party, the party formed in 1963 to carry on with the agenda for social and political reform. A number of themes are brought into relief which will help the reader to better understand the making of modern Bermuda:

(1) the insertion of race into the fabric of modern Bermuda; (2) the successful use of ideology by the dominant elite to hold on to power; and (3) the limited role played by the formal political process in effecting change. A rich source of archival material brings new insights into the making of modern Bermuda.

Available August 15
Strongly recommended by OTR!