22 October 2014

Fr. Polynesia, New Caledonia leaders discuss French colonialism

Kanaky, Ma'ohi Nui leaders were at U.N. Headquarters to  address 
the 193-member United Nations Fourth Committee

Photos by OTR

Kanaky leader Roch Wamytan (l) is interviewed by French press following
United Nations testimony

Ma'ohi Nui leader Oscar Temaru (r) discusses strategy with Kanaky leader Roch Wamytan

Member of the French Polynesia Assembly Richard Ariihau Tuheiava (left) and  UPLD Leader Oscar Temaru (2nd left) discuss next steps in the decolonization process with  Kanaky  leaders following testimony to the United Nations Special and Decolonization Committee (Fourth Committee)

Ma'ohi Nui, Kanaky delegations stand together on the grounds 
of United Nations Headquarters 

Independent Expert on Decolonisation Dr. Carlyle Corbin (c) wth Kanaky leaders following U.N.  consideration of decolonization of New Caledonia and French Polynesia.