18 March 2019


Complaint filed with Dutch-appointed Governor of territory

Bonaire,  March 15, 2019

To: Mr Edison Rijna
 Governor of Bonaire
 Plaza Wilhelmina 1

Subject: Dutch State and Dutch media gestapo tactics - violation of human rights freedom of free press

Honorable Governor Rijna,

With this letter we denounce conspiracy and extortion by the Dutch State interference to undermine the Bonerian press and media fundamental right to freedom of free press.  

Recently on March 6th the major leading daily newspaper of Bonaire, the Extra, on page 31, through an editorial article denounced that they were approached by the Dutch media, based on a “general media pact and agreement”, to conspire to boycott and silence Mr. James Finies, president of the civil society organization : foundation Nos Ke Boneiru Bek (We Want Bonaire Back).

Governor Rijna, a non-democratic appointed governor-institution, representing the King and Kingdom, maintaining powers above/and to over-rule the elected government,  main duty is the legal protection of the rule of international law and as such to respect, to protect and to comply with our peoples rights. Above described gestapo tactics by the Dutch State and Dutch media conspiracy and intimidation of the local media could lead to a totalitarian or dictatorship rule if the people are not informed by free press.  Mr Rijna should take note of the fact as the people if they are not informed freely, cannot make up ones mind and cannot have an opinion. They will be deprived not only from its capacity to act but also of  its capacity to think and to judge. With such a people you can then do what you please.             

As Mr Rijna is aware that our foundation NKBB has position itself towards the upcoming elections advising the people of Bonaire to protest and boycott this election to vote blank or no vote. Contrary to Mr Rijna press-conference urging the people to use their sacred rights to go vote in a illegal system, rejected by the people and where the power is held by the Dutch parliament in the Hague. A blank vote or no vote is internationally  recognized as same, exercise of this sacred right.  This “protest-vote”  is to demonstrate the peoples dissatisfaction of political alienation by the imposed current political system of public entity and as rejection of the Dutch democratic trap to legitimize the 1st chamber, the Dutch senate, with the ultimate aim to legalize the current illegal status and all imposed laws against the Bonerian peoples.  Our “protest-vote” is also in solidarity with the peoples of our sister island Sint Eustatius. Statians cannot vote and are deprived from their “sacred-democratic-rights” because the Dutch government deposed the legitimate elected government in February 2018 through undemocratic abusive legislative, military and police actions and stopped the scheduled free election. 

Our main request to Mr Rijna as governor  is to condemn above revelation of the Dutch state and media conspiracy and blackmail against the Bonaire free press as a serious threat and commence a investigation. Secondly please rectify your last public statement of misinformation and to tell the people of Bonaire the truth that a blank vote or no vote is also a legal exercise of their “sacred”democratic right as a “protest vote” .  And finally as Mr Rijna inspiring initiative of promoting, voting, by writing 685 personal letters towards the first-time-youth-voters on Bonaire to go vote. It would be morally correct, an heroic act of compassion and brotherhood towards our alienated brothers of Sint Eustatius that are deprived of democracy and cannot vote to do same and write 150 letters to all Dutch 2nd chamber parliament members and another 75 letters more to all members of the Dutch Senate requesting them to restore democracy back on Sint Eustatius so the peoples of Sint Eustatius can also make use of their sacred democratic right as civilized peoples in the Kingdom.

Sincerely yours,
James Finies, 
Foundation We Want Bonaire Back