09 February 2012

UK increasing military presence around the Malvinas


LONDON—The British government has approved a contingency plan to increase its troops in the vicinity of the Malvinas, which will heighten the sovereignty conflict over the Islands, usurped by the UK in 1833.

The UK has a garrison of 1,700 troops on the Malvinas.The UK has a garrison of 1,700 troops
 on the Malvinas.

Prime Minister David Cameron assessed the military situation on the Malvinas with military chiefs in the context of the historic dispute over jurisdiction. The UK has plans for the rapid deployment of troops in the area via Ascension Island in the Atlantic.

Cameron has accused Argentina of colonialism for insisting on its sovereign claim to the Islands, which provoked an angry response from Buenos Aires, demanding that London accept the UN resolution on a peaceful negotiated solution to the conflict.
Meanwhile, the UK Premier who, according to The Times, is pushing for military escalation, said that he was determined to ensure that UK defenses and everything else is in order on convening the UN Security Council to address the situation of the Malvinas.

The UK maintains a garrison of 1,700 troops there, almost equal to the local population. Added to this, there is the possibility of nuclear submarines in the area, given the British Defense Minister’s refusal to disclose the location of vessels of this kind.