10 July 2011

Curacao Political Party Leader Sees Future Independent State for autonomous country

Helmin Wiels of Pueblo Soberano says Dia di Bandera is first step towards a free Curacao

WILLEMSTAD — The celebration of the first Dia di Bandera (Flag Day) in the autonomous country Curaçao must be seen as the first step towards a free and independent Curaçao. PS-leader and State member Helmin Wiels said this last Saturday during the solemn meeting of the States on the occasion of the island’s holiday.

In his speech, Wiels repeated that Curaçao has no business in the Kingdom of The Netherlands anymore.

 “We are repeatedly told we are not welcome, that we are third-class citizens and that we are to leave. We are in a process that is to lead to a free and sovereign nation. State members bear a huge responsibility. We have to lead the people on the new route. This is the first day in the process that is to end in freedom.”

 During his speech, the State member emphasized that this process will require considerable cooperation but that everyone is born to be free. Wiels ended his speech by wishing his audience a happy day en route to freedom.

In his speech, MFK party-chairperson Dean Rozier dwelled on the fact that nobody and no country, including Curaçao, can do everything alone. According to Rozier, everyone is dependent on each other, especially in the globalized world. “Each country is dependent on the other. One cannot be isolated. We need others and we cannot ignore this.”

Just like all others, PAR State member Pedro Atacho spoke about the symbolic of the Curaçao flag, namely mutual respect, good governance, a people that is free and can live without fear, and social laws that guarantee the people’s welfare. Atacho asked his audience what everyone was doing now to bring these values, represented by the Curaçao flag, into practice.

Eunice Eisden (MAN) emphasized that during the past years, too many Curaçao citizens were forgotten. “The sun is to rise for all, also for those waiting along the road side. The members of parliament are to play an important role in this process, " according to the MAN-member. She further argued that the development of the island would not only benefit a small group but the entire community.

PNP-member Humphrey Davelaar dwelled on the fact that last Saturday had been the first celebration of Dia di Bandera in the country Curaçao. He thanked the champions of the Curaçao autonomy, emphasizing they had already laid the foundation for the current Curaçao several years ago.

FOL-leader Anthony Godett petitioned for the population groups in the society to stop getting at one another’s throats and the humiliating of individuals. According to Godett, it is now time to join forces in order to save Curaçao.

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