22 May 2011

St. Martin Movement for Advancement of the People (MAP) Readies for elections


Daily Herald

MARIGOT--Opposition Councillor Louis Mussington will head the list of the Movement for the Advancement of the People (MAP) in the 2012 Territorial Council elections, he confirmed to the press this week. Currently the group is sending out questionnaires to the public to get feedback on the critical issues important to them.

"We're in the process of putting the best political platform possible together but we want to involve the people in the survey," he said. "We are hoping the questions we have asked in the questionnaire will be responded to in a constructive manner. The feedback will help us to shape our ideas and policies. We want to be sure our platform reflects the concerns and aspirations of the people, and not the other way around by us pretending to know it all."

He added this would also be achieved by visiting all the districts and listening to the concerns of the population and having two-way dialogue.

"We want to get rid of the old style politics. It's got to be a partnership with the people. We want to be able to speak boldly and forcefully to the authorities, whoever they may be in Paris or St. Martin, on behalf of the people because we will know what is troubling them. So we encourage the people to work along with us."

Mussington indicated the opinions of everyone are welcome, not only from those sympathetic to the MAP cause. Not only will MAP members be in the field visiting the districts but there will be a website as well.

"We hope the website will be ready in a couple of weeks at which time we will start the field trips. The people can look out for us in all the relevant districts. These will be fruitful exchanges to serve the general interest. It's very critical people get involved because the current situation is a total disaster, both from an economic and social perspective."

MAP will begin analysing and gauging the response to the survey from the beginning of July.

Mussington has been in politics for thirteen years. He has served as General Councillor, Regional Councillor, and substitute to President of the Regional Council Victorin Lurel, and attended many seminars in Paris.

"I have the intellectual and spiritual experience to take on this challenge," he said.

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