18 May 2011

Institute for Commonwealth Studies discusses modernised British colonial arrangements



The United Kingdom Overseas Territories: Continuity and Change

Tuesday 17 May 2011

Chancellor’s Hall, Institute of Commonwealth Studies

School of Advanced Study, University of London



Welcome – Professor Philip Murphy, Director of the Institute of Commonwealth Studies, and Professor David Killingray, Goldsmiths.

First session – Governance and the UKOTs

The Coalition Government’s Policy towards the Overseas Territories (Ian Bailey, Overseas Territories Directorate, FCO)

An OT government perspective (Janice Panton, Chair of UK Overseas Territories Association)

An EU perspective (Paul Sutton, London Metropolitan University)

Coffee Break

Second session – Constitutional developments

Constitutional reform in the UKOTs (Ian Hendry, Constitutional Advisor,

FCO/Andrew Allen, former Head of Southern Ocean Team, Overseas Territories Directorate, FCO)

Constitutional change in the Dutch Caribbean (Gert Oostindie, KITLV)

Constitutional developments in the French overseas territories (sic) (Nathalie Mrgudovic, University of Aston)

Lunch Break

2.15‐ 3.30
Third session – Economic and Financial Issues

Contingent liability or moral hazard after the Global Financial Crisis: Cayman, Westminster and global finance (William Vlcek, University of St Andrews)

Followed by a Q&A with representatives from the UKOTs

Fourth session – Human Rights and the Environment

Building human rights capacity in the UKOTs (Vijay Krishnarayan, Commonwealth Foundation)

The Environment and the UKOTs (Iain Orr, UK Overseas Territories Conservation Forum)

4.45 END

This event has been made possible with the kind support of the Political Studies Association, the University of the West of England, Bristol, and the Institute of Commonwealth Studies.

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