08 April 2011

Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) formally unveils landmark Cultural Database


The Office of Hawaiian Affairs today formally unveiled the Papakilo Database, a new electronic cultural resource. The Papakilo Database is a “database of databases,” or a search engine for Hawaiian cultural information.

The Papakilo Database has been in development since 2007 and is the first to collate more than 225,000 records from dissimilar databases into a single digital resource. It pulls together several databases of land and government records, historic Hawaiian language newspapers and certain historic genealogy indexes.

Previously, people seeking many of these records would have to spend a lot of time visiting various offices and agencies. Papakilo Database makes the records available online and many records and databases can be searched with just a few keystrokes.

The Papakilo Database will be the central repository for Hawaiian knowledge and will serve as a knowledge base for self-determination. Native Hawaiians have a great tradition of sharing information and passing down knowledge. Traditionally, we did this orally by telling stories. With Papakilo we're doing it with technology.

The Papakilo Database can be found at papakilodatabase.com.

The Office of Hawaiian Affairs, (OHA) under the direction of its nine trustees elected statewide, is charged with the betterment of the conditions of Native Hawaiians

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