23 November 2010

'We Are Guahan' Joins lawsuit Against Military Build-up

Almost one year exactly after the release of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement, We Are Guåhan has joined the Guam Preservation Trust and National Trust for Historic Preservation in a lawsuit against DoD (U.S. Department of Defence).


. This lawsuit is about Pågat, but it is not just about Pågat. This lawsuit is also about DoD deciding that “operational efficiency” was more important than the requests of our Legislature, our Governor, our Congresswoman and our community. In the name of military convenience, DoD has broken promises and, as will be shown in this lawsuit, it has broken the law.
How can we expect DoD to voluntarily help us pay for the 9 new schools and 500 additional hospital beds that will be needed outside the fence when a lawsuit is required to force DoD to follow the law?
To be clear, this lawsuit is about protecting Pågat, a site that has great cultural and historical significance to our island. But to be equally as clear, We Are Guåhan has and will continue to oppose the buildup as proposed. We are here, and we will use every tool that is available to us to protect our home, including legal action.

See also"Guam Preservation Trust and We Are Guahan, joined by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Files Complaint for Injunctive and Declaratory Relief"

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