20 May 2017

Abstentions high in French colony vote for President of the Republic


French Pacific territories have all voted for Emmanuel Macron to become the next French president although his winning margin in New Caledonia was slim.

Emmanuel Macron delivers a speech at his campaign headquarters in Paris after the second round of the French presidential election. Photo: AFP

Turnout was low, with 53 percent of voters in French Polynesia abstaining.

In New Caledonia, more than 47 percent voted for the National Front's Marine Le Pen which was her best result outside mainland France.

She won comfortably in Noumea but fared poorly in small Kanak communities.

In Wallis and Futuna, she had her worst score outside France as close to 80 percent voted for Mr Macron.

Mr Macron won 58 percent of French Polynesia's votes, but in lost by big margins in several small islands.

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