01 April 2016

Samoan Affairs will administer new office of self determination

A new ASG office will open after Flag Day to house a committee for the territory’s self-determination headed by Tapaau Dr. Dan Aga.

Dr. Aga who is currently director of the Natural Resources Division of the American Samoa Community College was a staffer of the last Future Political Study Commission and Constitutional Review back in 2010.

He was the presenter from American Samoa at the Office of Insular Affairs panel on self determination for the territories of  American Samoa, Guam , Northern Marianas and  the Virgin Islands held last month.

Governor Lolo Moliga said at a cabinet meeting Thursday that funding has been allocated to finance the Office of Self-Determination.

He said he decided to give funding that OIA has provided for the office  to be administered by the Office of the Samoan Affairs because he felt that this office and the funding for it should not be politically influenced.

Governor Lolo said he learnt a great deal from the Washington discussion and was especially proud that American Samoa had a voice...as in previous years the territory didnt.

Lolo also pointed to the fact that the territory’s Delegate to the US Congress is now sitting in important committees that wield influence on decisions pertaining to American Samoa.

The governor has asked several cabinet members who were part of the American Samoa contingent to Washington to provide reports on their meetings after Flag Day to share with the rest of the cabinet who were not able to make the trip. 

There was heavy criticism of the governor taking more than a dozen directors and staff members with him, at a time when the government was experiencing financial difficulties.

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