06 March 2014

Dutch law set to restrict migration, trace and deport the Caribbean Dutch national

Anguilla News

Apartheid turning back? Dutch bill proposal to enact second class citizenship

The Dutch Lower House of Parliament is set to debate a motion concerning residency requirements for Dutch citizens originating from Aruba, CuraƧao and Sint Maarten on March 5 2014 (1830 hrs Dutch local time). If passed, the migration law will ensure that the economically and educationally deprived be legally restricted from settling in the Netherlands. The legislation would also create the possibility for persons – who “objectively meet the criteria” and “upon reasonable suspicion” – to be checked by police in order to establish their identities, nationalities as well as residency status should these persons be found to be infringing the residency requirements (e.g. insufficient education and insufficient command of the Dutch language). The legislation will result in the possible deportation of citizens from the aforementioned islands. These deprived Dutch citizens, who migrate to the Netherlands seeking employment opportunities, will, in turn be disadvantaged in their search for employment


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