13 October 2020


Virgin Islander Verna M. Corbin has been awarded the excellence in animation award  by the Black Star International Film Festival for her animated short film “Jumbie Kids.” The annual event was held in Accra, Ghana, and brought together filmmakers from across Africa and its diaspora including Haiti, the Virgin Islands and other Caribbean countries. 

Ms. Corbin is a graduate of St. Patrick’s School in Frederiksted, and attended St. Joseph High School before finishing here secondary studies in the U.S. She is a graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute with a BFA in Animation, and is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Screenwriting at the National University in California.

The film “Jumbie Kids” depicts two Virgin Islands children who encounter a mischievous Moko Jumbie spirit, and was produced, according to Corbin, “as a love letter to my home of St. Croix, and the culture and sense of humor I grew up with.” She explained:

My middle school years were dotted with scary stories I would overhear from my classmates or older neighbors. All of these stories involve jumbles coming out at night and scaring unsuspecting people in scary yet hilarious ways. I found that with each story, the interpretations of the spirits differed from each other. Some jumbies would shape shift, some would be 12-feet tall. With this animation, I fused many of the visuals I’ve seen/heard or imagined and interpreted them into a spirit with its own personality.”

 Corbin intends to expand the “Jumbie Kids” film into a web-series in conjunction with other ongoing animated film and illustrated projects she is currently pursuing.

    Black Star International film festival is a non-profit festival in Ghana founded by Juliet Asante in 2015. It is a festival celebrated annually to bridge the gap between African movie cinema and the global community of movie makers, and focuses on the business aspect of film making.           

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27 September 2020



Saint Martin News Network

Annick Petrus Ferga Sénatrice- elect of St. Martin.



Sénatrice elect Annick Petrus Ferga.

MARIGOT: --- Third Vice President of the Collectivity of St. Martin Annick Petrus Petrus Ferga have been elected sénatrice of St. Martin on Sunday. The Senate election was held on Sunday morning at the Prefecture of St. Martin. Contesting the elections were outgoing senator Guillaume Arnell and Marthe Ogundele Tessi.
Petrus- Ferga is part of the majority of Team Gibbs. While it was expected that the Senate election would have been a landslide for Petrus Ferga in the first round. However, a second-round was necessary since there was not an outright winner. Petrus is the first female to be elected Senator of St. Martin.
At 3 pm when at the 3rd round Annick Petrus Ferga scored 15 of the 24 votes, Marthe Ogundele Tessi scored 5 votes while outgoing senator Guillaume Arnell scored 2, while there were two blanks.
Petrus said that she was confident from the inception because her team is committed. However, Marthe Ogundele Tessi sounded bitter because in the first round she scored more votes than Petrus. Ogundele Tessi said that the people of St. Martin opted to vote for a Guadeloupean instead of voting for a St. Martiner. When she asked to clarify her statements Ogundele said that Petrus was born in Pointe a Pitre. 
Clearly, Ogundele took her defeat personally not taking into consideration that Annick Petrus Ferga served St. Martin in different capacities, first as a school teacher then a school directrice prior to entering into politics.
Outgoing Senator Guillaume Arnell thanked everyone for their support during the 6 years he held the office of the senator in Paris representing St. Martin.