21 February 2013

Bermuda elected as Chair of the UK Overseas Territories Association

Premier Cannonier takes over 
UK Overseas Territories Association presidency

Royal Gazette

Bermuda has for the first time been elected to lead the United Kingdom Overseas Territories Association (UKOTA) in the UK.

During a meeting on Thursday, Bermuda, through representative Kimberly Durrant, was elected to the role of Chairman in the organisation which was created to promote cooperation among the overseas territories.

In accordance with the UKOTA Constitution Premier Craig Cannonier will assume the position as President of the Political Council.

The Political Council is the highest body of the Association which consists of Leaders or Representatives of each Member Government.

Revealing the news in a statement yesterday, the Premier said: “I am delighted with the regard in which Bermuda is held within UKOTA.

“There are many areas of mutual interest in which we can share knowledge and experience to our collective benefit.

“I look forward to my tenure as President of the Political Council and in particular how it seeks to shape the nature of engagement with the United Kingdom Government in matters of importance to the OTs.”

Ms Durrant, the Director of the Island’s London Office, said the organisation has always taken pride in giving all participating nation equal representation, regardless of size.

“I am honoured to have been elected to the position of Chairman and to have gained the respect and confidence of my fellow colleagues and Governments of the Overseas Territories,” she said.

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