23 December 2012

Shots for the film 'Tula the Revolt' film completed in Curacao

WILLEMSTAD — The 33 days of the shooting script for the firm ‘Tula the Revolt’ are over. In the coming months producers Jeroen Leinders and Dolph van Stapele will work on the post-production of the film.Expectations are that the film with Danny Glover, Henriëtte Tol, Jeroen Willems, Derek de Lint and Obi Abili as Tula in the leading roles can be seen in the theaters next year.

In the past six weeks more than 100 people from various nationalities on Curaçao worked on the film regarding the story based on facts of Tula, the leader of the large slave revolt on Curaçao in 1795. 

To complete their production team on Curaçao for the film the producers also had a camera crew from America, a production team from England and stuntmen from Bulgaria come to the island. Van Stapele was especially surprised by the successful cooperation and the local talent. “Also the quality and flexibility of both the local and international actors were phenomenally good. Thanks to the input and support from all actors, crew, figurants, sponsors, investors and volunteers, I believe we have all ingredients to produce a strong story. It is now proven that Curaçao is simply capable of making a film”, said the producer. 

In the coming four to five months the producers will work on the post-production of the film. Expectations are that this process will take place in England and will include many phases, among which the editing, the music composition, audio correction, special effects and color corrections. 

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